Adopting Vs Buying A Dog Or Puppy

Adoption Vs Buying A Pet: Why You Should Adopt?

Why you should adopt a puppy or dog instead of buying one?

Here are some reasons why you should adopt a puppy or dog rather than buy one.

1) You will get a better deal with your new pet.

Most reputable breeders offer discounts if you bring in your own animal. If you don’t have any pets already, bringing in an existing pet might not be feasible for various reasons.

2) You will save money.

With a puppy or dog, you won’t need to feed it every day like you do with other animals (unless they’re small). Feeding a puppy or dog once per week costs less than feeding it twice per week! And since most puppies and dogs grow up fast, their food needs will decrease too.

3) You’ll have someone else take care of it.

While you may enjoy taking care of your pet, there’s no guarantee that the person will actually do so. Bringing in a friend or relative to look after your pet could lead to problems later on when they decide to sell it or give up caring for it altogether.

4) Your pet will be safer with another family member around.

You may not trust the new owner of your pet, however, if you already know someone with a good reputation within the community then there is much less need to worry.

5) You will be able to get your pet back if something goes wrong.

Just as you can take your pet back if the new owner isn’t looking after it adequately, you can also do this for other problems as well.

6) Your pet won’t have to move houses right away, which can be tough on most animals.

Adopting Vs Buying A Dog Or Puppy -

Getting a new family and new surroundings all at the same time can really confuse a pet. This is stressful for both them and you.

7) Adopting from a shelter is usually cheaper than buying a pet from a breeder.

With the extra money you save, you can put it towards supplies or other things your new pet may need (or something fun for you).

8) You can see the parents of the pet you want and know what they look like.

Some people are picky about the physical appearance of their new pet so this can be a big benefit. Just make sure the parents are healthy!

9) You don’t have to worry that your pet is in a cage its whole life before you adopt it.

Most pets sold from breeders are kept in small cages and sometimes in poor conditions.

10) You can save a life. By adopting a pet, you’re giving it a second chance at finding a good family. The pet could have been abandoned or its family may have died. At the very least, it wouldn’t have been fed properly or taken care of if it had stayed with its breeder.

NOTE: We do not support stealing pets as this is bad and you might get in trouble.

Adopting Vs Buying A Dog Or Puppy - Dog Puppy Site


There are some bad reasons to not adopt a new pet, these are:

I am moving soon. If you are moving in the near future, you should still get a pet. Most owners will give a pet to you if you live in the same area as they do. Plus, you can take your pet with you to your new home!

I don’t have a yard. It’s still possible to own an outdoor pet. There are different kinds that don’t need a fenced in yard. For example, you can own a bird or a turtle, both of which only need a small area outside to roam around in.

I want a pet that will hunt for me. It’s best not to keep any wild animals as pets (even if they appear to be friendly and well cared for). They could have rabies or other diseases which will be dangerous to you and your family.

I don’t know anyone who wants to give away their pet. While this isn’t always necessary, it still is a good way to find a pet that will fit into your lifestyle. You can also check your local shelter if there is one in your area.

I want a certain breed of dog or cat. Not all purebreds are expensive and if you want a certain breed, check with local breeders or pet stores. You can always adopt a mutt from your local shelter too! They make great pets too.

I don’t have enough money to adopt or buy a pet. Low income families can contact their local shelter to see if they offer reduced adoption fees. You can also have the pet spayed or neutered, get it shots, and buy a carrier for it before bringing it home.

My kids want an exotic pet. It isn’t safe to own many types of animals as pets due to their wild nature. This includes: monkeys, big cats, alligators, etc.

My kids want a pet that will be scary. Some pets can be mean or scary looking, but this doesn’t make them good pets. It is best to adopt or buy a pet that is friendly. Otherwise you might end up with a pet that your kids are scared of!

There are some other things to think about before adopting a pet.

Do you have the time to care for it properly? Do you have the money to provide everything it needs? Is everyone in your family in agreement on getting a new pet?

If you’ve decided that it would be a good idea to get a pet, then read on to find out how!

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