Adorable Chihuahua Dog Name Ideas

What are the best dog name ideas?

There are so many things to choose from!

You could pick your favorite animal or person, but what if you want something different? What if you have a funny idea for a dog name?

Well, then you need some fun names to go with it. And there’s no better place than the internet where everyone can share their thoughts and ideas.

There are thousands of websites out there that allow you to upload pictures, write short stories, create avatars and much more. Some of these sites even let you submit your own content.

So why not take advantage of all this free online space?

Here at the top ten most popular dog names list we’ve gathered together some of the funniest and cutest dog names around. Enjoy!

1. Tuxedo

2. Pupa

3. Biscuit Catcher

4. Corgi Boy (Corgi Girl)

5. Socko (Socks)

6. Stinky

7. Duckling

8. Nana (Nanny)

9. Tater

10. Big Red

Chihuahua Names – 300 Adorable Chihuahua Dog Name Ideas - Dog Puppy Site

Who couldn’t love naming their dog after something so delicious?

The dog might even bring you marmalade when you’re sick!

Toast: This is another cute name for a Chihuahua because it’s just so playful and adorable.

Who couldn’t love a little ball of fur named after something you eat for breakfast?

The owner might even feed their Chihuahua some toast every now and then.

4. Pissy Male Chihuahua Names

It’s important to pick a cute name when you’re naming your dog or cat, but it’s also important to pick one that’s going to fit its personality. If you’re a Chihuahua owner, then chances are you’ve experienced the little guy peeing everywhere. They’re really good at it! That’s why it’s important to pick a name that is going to fit this really annoying habit. Here are some names that can help you get started!

Pee-Wee: This name is perfect for a little Chihuahua that loves to pee everywhere. It fits the bill and is a pretty common name as well.

Puddles: Puddles is a pretty morbid name for a Chihuahua. Perhaps this dog owner lost their dog in the rain and it drowned in a nearby puddle. That could also explain why this dog pees everywhere. It’s a sad story, but it’s one that might make more sense than some other reasons.

Pee-tah: This is probably the most logical name on this list. It’s short and simple. If you like this name, then I’m sure this dog will probably pee on everything.

3. Cool Chihuahua Names

There are many cool names for Chihuahuas, but these are some of the best that have been thought up so far. Of course, when your canine is cool, then these names will be even better. If you think one of these names is going to fit your dog, then by all means give it to him!

Fonzie: Everyone loves the Fonz, and why shouldn’t your Chihuahua?

He’s cool, he’s confident, and he’s the coolest person in the bar, just like the Fonz. This name will probably make your Chihuahua walk with his head held high and sway his tail with confidence.

Kobe: This name is perfect for a black and white dog. It’s a cool sounding name, and it will probably make your dog respond to it almost immediately.

Maybe this dog will be destined for basketball stardom?

Bret: Another cool sounding name, this one is perfect for a brown or black and brown Chihuahua. This name sounds like something that would be used in the old west.

2. Unique Chihuahua Names

Chihuahua Names – 300 Adorable Chihuahua Dog Name Ideas - from our website

You don’t want your dog to have a boring name. After all, your furry friend is going to be stuck with this name for the rest of its life. You want something original that isn’t seen everywhere else. These names are pretty unusual, but that’s what makes them so great! Your Chihuahua will have a truly unique name that not many other dogs will have.

Jagger: This name is perfect for a Chihuahua that has a dark personality. Perhaps this dog owner is a big Rolling Stones fan and decided to name their pet after the band’s founder and lead singer.

Ziggy: Another name from the world of rock, this one is more upbeat and positive. It sounds like the perfect name for a Chihuahua with a lot of energy.

Piper: This is a pretty name that is perfect for a female Chihuahua. It makes me think of a dog walking around with a flute in its mouth.

1. Informal Chihuahua Names

Of course, there are also a lot of informal names that you can call your Chihuahua as well. These names fit the bill if you want to give your furry friend a nickname, something a little more personal and memorable. You’ll find that these names are used more often than the other ones on this list. That’s mostly because people like to give their pets nicknames to make them stand out. After all, your dog is a little different from everyone else’s.

Chi Chi: This name is short and easy to say.

What dog owner is going to say no to a name like this?

No one, that’s who!

Chompers: This is a cute name that is used to refer to a dog’s teeth. Your dog probably has some pretty sharp teeth, which is why you would use this name.

Cholo: This is a funny take on the name Charlie. If your dog has white fur around his eyes, then this name would fit him perfectly.

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