Anatolian Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix—Is This The Right Pup For You

Anatolian Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix Temperament

The Anatolian Shepherd Dog breed originated from the ancient Greek word “anatolia” which means “land of the Greeks”. The name was given because these dogs were originally bred to serve as guards or guardians for wealthy families. These dogs are known for their loyalty and love of family. They have been used in various military roles throughout history.

These dogs are extremely loyal and protective of those they care about. Their strong sense of duty makes them excellent guard dogs. They are very intelligent and will do anything for their masters. However, if left unsupervised, they may become destructive with other animals such as cats or even children. These types of dogs require a large amount of exercise and mental stimulation in order to keep them mentally stimulated enough to perform at their best level.

They are good watchdogs but they don’t like to travel too far away from home. They tend to prefer small yards where they can run around freely. If left alone, they will usually seek out human companionship and will often try to groom themselves in order to please humans. They need lots of attention and affection when young so it’s best not to leave them alone with little kids or pets. They can get along with other animals such as livestock but they will tend to be territorial so some training is usually required.

They are also very wary of strangers and will bark at people they don’t know, which makes them great guard dogs.

All in all, the Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepherd mix is a very friendly and loyal dog that has been bred for guard work. They can be a bit territorial but with proper training and attention, they will become great family dogs. They are very loving towards their family and are always ready to please.

Great Pyrenees / Anatolian Shepherd mix – Is this the right pup for you?

Great Pyrenees Anatolian Shepherd mix

The Great Pyrenees is a large breed of dog that was originally bred in France and Spain to act as a guardian dog. They can be very good with children as long as they are raised with them. Some can be protective of their flock, including small children. Other dogs, especially other large breeds, sometimes they don’t get along with. They can be territorial so some training is needed when you get one.

They shed a lot so you will need to brush them a few times a week and give them a good bath every so often to keep their coats clean and mat free. They will be very grateful for it, and you will end up with a house that doesn’t have dog hair all over the place. They are prone to bloat so make sure they don’t eat too much or too quickly. Get them exercise but not right before mealtime and they should be fine. These are large dogs with equally large needs. They are very gentle giants though and will treat their families with as much love as they expect to get in return.

Anatolian Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix Grooming

The Great Pyrenees is a large white fluffy dog that tends to shed a lot. You will definitely need to brush it regularly to get rid of all the dead hair.

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