Are German Shepherds Good With Kids – Is This The Family Dog For You

Are German Shepherds Good With Kids – Is This The Family Dog For You?

German Shepherd Puppies: What To Look Out For When Buying A Puppy

The most common question when it comes to buying a puppy is “What do I look out for?”

There are many things to consider before making your decision. Some of these include:

Do they have any health problems? Do they need extra exercise or special food? How much play do they like?

How old are they? Will their teeth fall out if you don’t brush them regularly? Can they see well enough to be housebroken properly?

Are there any behavioral issues that might cause problems later in life (i.e. barking at strangers)?

Will they grow up to be a responsible dog that will never bite someone or hurt anyone else, or will they turn into a destructive dog who bites people and others all the time?

These are just some of the questions to ask yourself before choosing a new dog. If you’re not sure what to look for, here’s a list of traits that may indicate whether or not the dog is right for you:

Canine Health Problems: Canines have different types of health problems such as cancerous tumors, heart disease, eye diseases and so forth. These conditions require proper medical attention from qualified veterinarians. Some conditions are curable and some are not, but they all require a great deal of medical attention.

Growth Rates: All puppies grow at different rates. Some large breeds take a lot longer to reach adult size than small breeds. If you adopt a very young puppy, consider the possibility that it may grow too big for you to handle when it reaches its full size. For instance, a Great Dane will reach its full size at around 1 year old but it will be much larger than a Cocker Spaniel who reaches its full size at around 2 years old.

Innate Friendliness: All dogs are friendly when they’re young, but some retain that youthful friendliness for their entire life. Other dogs growl or act aggressive towards people that they don’t know.

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