Are You A Top Dog Mom, Or Are You Tailing Behind

Are You A Top Dog Mom, Or Are You Tailing Behind?

The question is: are you a top dog mom or are you trailing behind?

If your answer is “a” then it means that you have all the qualities needed to become a successful mother. But if your answer is “b”, then it means that you don’t have enough of these qualities yet.

So what do I mean by those two words?

Let’s take a look at them one by one.

Top Dog Mom

A top dog mom is someone who has everything she needs to raise her children successfully. She has all the right things to make sure they grow up healthy, happy and strong. Her home life is perfect and she gives her kids everything they need so that they will be able to succeed in life too.

She takes good care of her family and does everything possible to give them all the best chances to achieve success. She doesn’t just want her kids to be successful, but she wants them to excel in every way possible. She cares deeply about their future and would rather spend time with them than spending money on herself or other people.

So what makes a person a top dog mom?

Well, it takes a lot of effort and sacrifice to act as a mother to your children. A true mom will make sure her children are getting the best out of everything while making sure she is not sacrificing her own needs. This means eating nutritious meals on a regular basis, getting enough rest and keeping herself emotionally strong and supportive. You can’t be a good mother if you aren’t taking care of yourself first.

The amount of love a mother has for her children can’t be measured. It is more than any type of love a person could ever have, even the romantic kind. A mother’s love is unconditional and it has no boundaries. If you think you have this type of love then you are probably right.

Trailing Behind

So if the first word describes a good mother, what about the second one? What does it mean to be trailing behind?

Well, a trailing mother is someone who doesn’t have the qualities of a good mother. She may love her children but that isn’t enough. She needs to make more of an effort to be a better parent.

Trailing behind is just that, you are not quite at the level that you should be and in some cases you aren’t even trying your best. You spend very little time with your children and don’t pay enough attention to them when you do. You may have a few good moments with them here and there but for the most part you are detached from their lives.

The worst thing about trailing behind is that you don’t realize that you are not doing enough. You think that you are doing just fine as a parent and can’t see that there is room for improvement. You are probably letting other people, such as grandparents or babysitters, take care of your children more than you are.

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