Australian Shepherd Pitbull Mix – Is This Cross Right For You

Pitbulls are known for their aggression. They have been used for fighting since ancient times. There were even pit fights where the winner was determined by how many punches they could throw each other before being knocked out. Today, pit bulls are still used in some forms of combat sports such as mixed martial arts (MMA). Many people believe that pit bull breeds are not suitable for families with children because they tend to be very aggressive towards them. However, there are other reasons why pit bulls may not be appropriate for your family.

The first reason is that they do not make good guard dogs. A pit bull will bark at anything that moves and it is difficult to control them when they are barking like crazy.

Some people say that if you keep your kids close to you while walking around the neighborhood then you should be fine, but if they get too far away from you, then they might start getting scared and run off.

Another problem is that pit bulls tend to growl or snarl a lot. If they hear something, they are likely to attack immediately.

This behavior can be very scary for small children and adults alike.

There are also reports of pit bulls biting people. While these incidents have occurred, most of the time the bites were self inflicted and the dogs did not mean any harm.

However, there was one incident that involved a pit bull that had been abused before. Reports say that this pit bull bit a young girl and would not let go until the girl died. This is an example of how pit bulls can be dangerous when they are severely mistreated.

Despite all this information, pit bulls are still very lovable pets. They are extremely friendly with children and other dogs.

The pit bull breed is very gentle and playful as long as they are treated properly. We will talk more about this in the next section.

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These dogs are really intelligent. They can be trained to obey commands better than a lot of other dog breeds.

This makes them great candidates for protection as well as search and rescue missions. Their muscular bodies allow them to pull people out of different forms of danger.

Pit bulls are pretty good swimmers too. If you live on a farm and let your pit bull run around in the field, then the chances are that they will jump into a pond or river nearby.

The pit bull’s coat is short and smooth. It can survive in different types of weather conditions without getting too hot or too cold.

Owners do not need to worry about frequent grooming either unless their pit bull likes to play in mud puddles every now and then.

Pit bulls are very friendly dogs. They get along with children and other dogs extremely well.

Most of the time, these dogs are so happy to see other people or animals that they start jumping up and down. If you have small children then pit bulls make great pets because they will keep them safe.

These dogs are very loyal towards their owners as well. Pit bulls have been known to take attacks from wild animals for example, a bear or mountain lion.

That is one reason why pit bulls were originally bred. Farmers needed a dog that was muscular enough to take on wild animals as well as protective over their owner’s children. Pit bulls can still perform these duties even in this day and age.

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Pit bulls can be highly energetic. If they are not given enough room to play or exercise, then they may become destructive.

You may come home from work one day to find your couch chewed up if you do not give it enough attention. Some people believe that pit bulls have a lot of vigor, but this can be channeled through sports and activities. They enjoy activities such as jogging, hiking, swimming, and playing fetch.

There are two types of pit bulls: the traditional American Pit Bull Terrier and the newer American Staffordshire Terrier. The only difference between the two is the name.

They share similar characteristics and history.

Pit bulls can be red, white, brown, or even black. They have short fur and muscles that are noticeable even when they are puppies.

Pit bulls grow to be about 2 feet tall and 2 1/2 feet long. They weigh about 40 to 60 pounds.

These dogs were originally bred for dogfighting. Their large teeth, strong bite, and muscular bodies were put to the test in fighting other dogs.

People used to bet on these fights too. The owners of the losing dogs would normally just dispose of them since they were less profitable than they were before. Others would try to train the losing dogs more in an effort to make them winners the next time. Through this barbaric testing process, the best of these dogs were isolated and bred with one another. By doing this, people created the pit bull.

Many people believe that pit bulls have no stopping mechanism that prevents them from biting down and refusing to let go. This is completely untrue.

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It was once said about the German Shepherd Dog too. These dogs are no more dangerous than any other dog if they are well trained and well bred.

The pit bull’s reputation worsened when it was used by drug dealers and gang members in Los Angeles during the 1980s. The dogs would be set on people who were disobedient, so other people began to be afraid of them as well.

This reputation has not been forgotten even though pit bulls are really not naturally vicious.

Pit bulls are actually very friendly and affectionate dogs if they are treated properly. In the right hands, pit bulls can be trained to do several things such as:

Agility competitions

Hunting (for smaller animals)

Sled racing

These dogs may even have talents in agility competitions, obedience, and even acting! Who knows, your pit bull may be the next Air Bud.

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