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Mixed Breed Dogs

Pomchi – A Guide To The Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix

Pomchis are small dogs with short legs and long bodies. They have a wide head, narrow body, round ears and white face. Their coat is a light brown or cream color with spots of black and tan on their back. The pomchas are known for being affectionate, friendly and playful but they do not like […]

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Pictures of Huskies

Picture of Huskies: What are they? The picture of huskies is one of the most popular images on the internet. They have been used for many years as advertising images, but now they are being used for other purposes too. For example, some people use them to advertise their products or services. There are various […]

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Pekingese Shih Tzu Mix – Is This Designer Dog Right For You

Pekingese Shih Tzu Mix Breed Profile: The Pekingese breed originated from China. They are known as “Little Red Riding Hood” because they have red coats with white underbelly. Their coat color is called “Shi Shi”. The Chinese name for them is “Lü Lü”, which means Little Wolf or Little Fox. The breed was originally bred […]

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Miniature Labrador – Is This Mini Dog the Right One for You

Miniature Labradoodle Puppies For Sale in Florida There are different breeds of mini dogs available for sale in florida. There are miniature poodles, miniature bulldogs, miniature chihuahuas, miniature dachshunds and many other types of mini dogs. These tiny animals have been bred to make them look like their larger counterparts. Some of these little creatures […]

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Miniature Collie – Getting Your Paws on a Tiny Rough Collie

The name “miniature” collie comes from the fact that they are smaller than their larger cousins. They have been bred to make them less likely to get cancer or other health problems. They are not considered cute and cuddly; rather, they are known as rough collies because of their personality. A rough collie is often […]

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Mini Bulldog – A Tiny Version of a Classic Breed

Mini French Bulldog For Sale The miniature french bulldog is one of the most popular breeds in the world. They are small dogs with long legs and large heads. These dogs have a very friendly personality, but they tend to be reserved around strangers or those who do not know them well. They love attention […]