Basset Hound Beagle Mix – Two Very Different Personalities Collide

Bitey Bully: A Beagle Mix With A Mean Streak Of Bad Behavior?

By Chris D’Amico

“I’m not going to lie,” says the man at the pet store. “It’s a little scary.”

You look around nervously. You’re nervous because you don’t want to buy a dog with bad habits!

The man continues, “But I think it would make your life better if you bought one of these two beagles.”

He points to the dogs and explains their temperament. They’re both friendly, but they have different personalities. One is very playful and energetic; the other is much quieter than its companion. But then again, neither of them are exactly outgoing either…they just do what they’re told when given commands like sit or come here.

What makes this particular pair so special is that they’re from the same litter. That means they were raised together and are related by blood. And according to the description, each of them has a mean streak.

“They’re called bitey bully beagles,” says the man behind the counter. “And they tend to get into fights all the time.”

You suddenly get an idea.

You ask, “Can I get them into a cage fight?”

The man responds, “Sure. These dogs are aggressive and love to fight. They’ll tear through each other for your entertainment.”

“Great!” you say. “I’ll take them both.”

The man sells you the pair of beagles for $200. After you pay, he hands the leashes to you and says, “Good luck!”

That evening, you take the beagles home and you’re very happy. You spend some quality time with them and train them in the basics. They seem to be intelligent dogs. After a week has passed, it’s time for them to get in the cage and fight.

You’ve made a name for yourself in the underground dog-fight world. Everyone calls you Crazy because you have a reputation for breeding vicious canines. And to top it all off, you actually enjoy watching dogs tear each other apart. It’s a perfect hobby for a person like you.

You spend the next couple of days getting the dogs into fighting shape. You make sure they’re always wearing collars so you can control them when the time comes. They’re very obedient and they always listen to your commands (Sit! Roll Over! Beg!

Basset Hound Beagle Mix – Two Very Different Personalities Collide - | Dog Puppy Site

Gimme 5!).

But then, disaster strikes…

It’s the night of the fight, and your loyal fans have gathered around to watch the carnage. You’re about to take your dogs out of the car, when you realize they’ve somehow managed to slip out of their collars and run off. Now, you’re in a real dilemma…

What’s going to happen next?

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