Basset Hound – The Droopy Dog Packed with Personality

Bassinhounds are a dog breed originating from France. They were originally bred for hunting purposes but nowadays they have become popular among owners because of their friendly nature and love of all things outdoorsy. There are several different types of basset hounds:

The French Basset Hound is one of the most famous breeds in the world, especially in Europe where it’s known as “the droopy dog”. These dogs are very affectionate and loving. They’re usually quite intelligent too, so they make excellent family pets. Their eyes are large and expressive, making them look like they have a big soul. They tend to be a little reserved, but once they get to know you well enough, they’ll warm up to you quickly!

The English Basset Hound is another famous breed in the world. They’re generally considered to be less intelligent than their French cousins, but they’ve got a great sense of humor. You may think they’re just mean spirited, but they actually have a strong sense of loyalty and will do anything for someone.

The American Basset Hound is probably the most common type of basset hound in North America today. They’re often described as being “lovable” or even “sweet”, though some people don’t seem to like them at all! If you’re trying to judge whether or not a basset is a good pet for you, you should see how they behave around other people and dogs. If they’re very friendly, then they’re probably a good choice.

The Tracker Basset Hound is a relatively rare breed that was bred in order to help hunt for criminals or lost animals. They have an excellent sense of smell, and are very good at following scent trails. Because of this, they can be quite stubborn at times! Be sure you’re the one in charge or they’ll take advantage of you.

The Standard Basset Hound is probably the second most common type of basset hound in North America. They’re generally lazy and laid back, and need their space. If you’re a busybody who likes to micromanage your basset, then you may want to reconsider getting one! That being said, they’re very loving towards their owners and will do anything to please them.

The Miniature Basset Hound is a fairly new breed of basset hound, having been bred to be smaller than the average basset. They’re generally a little smarter and more active than the other types of bassets. Just remember that they’re still bassets at heart and they’ll act lazy a lot, no matter how much you want them to do stuff!

The Toy Basset Hound is easily the most lazy breed of basset hound. Despite this, they still retain

a lot of the characteristics that make bassets bassets. They were bred to be smaller so that they could be kept in apartments, but don’t let their size fool you! They have a surprisingly big bark for their size.

The Dwarf Basset Hound is the smallest breed of basset hound. They were bred to retain the best qualities of bassets (loyalty, friendliness, etc.) but in a smaller package. Despite this, they still have a strong hunting instinct and will wander off if they get the chance. You’ll need to be vigilant if you want to keep your dwarf basset hound from running off.

The Wylie Basset Hound is an extremely rare breed, and the only known member of it is currently owned by Alan’s sister. It’s a cross between a basset hound and a dachshund, and so it retains the characteristics of both breeds. They’re loyal, friendly dogs that are great with kids, but they’re slightly more active than your average basset and will require regular walks.

Basset Hound – The Droopy Dog Packed with Personality - DogPuppySite

The English Basset Hound is a rare breed that has far more energy than your average basset. To the casual observer they look like a normal basset hound, but if you pay attention you’ll notice that they’re always moving and are slightly more talkative than other bassets. In fact, some have described them as being hyperactive, though this hardly effects their ability to hunt with a calm, calculated ruthlessness.

The French Basset Hound is a rare breed that was originally a gift from the Eiffel Tower to the White House in 1889. Despite their rarity, they’re generally very friendly dogs who love everyone and are more than happy to meet new people. They’re more active than your average basset hound, and will require regular walks or time in an enclosed area or they’ll go stir crazy.

The Traveler Basset Hound is a rare breed that loves to wander. If you want a dog that’ll stick close to home, then this is not the dog for you. That being said, if you’re looking for a dog that’ll get along with everyone and anyone, then the traveler basset hound is the perfect match for you!

You didn’t actually think Alan would get a dog that he plans on staying inside all day, did you?

“Hell no!” Alan says when he sees what you’re writing. “I need a dog that can come on my travels with me, not some fat lazy mongrel that just sleeps all day.”

You look up from your sheet to see Alan in the doorway with a large metal cage. He’s cleaned himself up, though he still has dried blood around his nose. He’s also holding a large dog crate, which he sets on the ground before opening it.

Inside is a massive dog that looks like a cross between a wolf and a dog. It has grey and black fur, pointed ears and a tail that looks more like a rat’s tail than a dogs. It’s larger than Alan, who you would describe as “small”, but it seems to calm down once it realizes Alan isn’t a threat.

“This is Fenrir,” Alan says. “Fenrir, this is my new owner. Make friends.”

The wolf stares at you for a moment before laying down and falling asleep.

“There’s your protector,” Alan says. “Well, he’ll protect you when I’m not around, which will be all the time. So don’t get too attached.”

Alan closes the cage and grabs the handle, carrying it out of your room and towards the front door.

Where are you taking him?”

You ask.

“Out,” Alan answers.

“It’s too dangerous to take him out, you know what happened yesterday!”

Basset Hound – The Droopy Dog Packed with Personality - Picture

What are they going to do, kill me?”

Alan asks.

You pause and sigh, realizing he has a point. Still, you’re not convinced.

“It’s too dangerous,” you say again.

“Fine, I’ll just let him out in here, whatever,” Alan says. “Just don’t go sending him off to do something stupid.”

Alan takes the caged up the stairs and out of sight. You sit in your seat, still nervous about having a beast like that inside the house. Still, Alan’s right, it is just a dog. Maybe Alan will get distracted with it and forget about you…

You sit and wait for a moment, before you head back upstairs and peak into Alan’s room. The wolf is laying in the corner of the cage, still asleep. Alan isn’t anywhere to be seen, which makes you sigh in slight relief. At least the beast inside the cage, as bad as it is, isn’t actively evil…

Alan walks in the door a moment later, completely oblivious of what you’ve done.

“I forgot to do something,” he says.

“That’s good,” you reply. “

What is Fenrir’s favorite food?”

“Hm, I don’t know,” Alan says. “I’ll have to ask the internet.”

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You sigh, then head back to your room. At least he didn’t see you…


You’re sitting in your seat, reading a book and waiting for Alan to exit his room. You head downstairs to check on him, and notice the dog food bag is completely empty. You hear a low growl as soon as you reach the bottom of the stairs, followed by a slight whimpering. You turn, and see Fenrir sitting in the entryway, staring directly at you. He smells the air slightly, before turning his head away dismissively.

“Fine food for a beast that doesn’t appreciate it,” Alan says, walking down the stairs. “Let’s go out.”

Alan and Fenrir walk out the front door, leaving you behind. That was… too close for comfort. Maybe you can condition him to not enter your room somehow…

You sit in your seat and wait. It’s been hours, surely he’ll be exiting the system soon…

Hours pass, and Alan walks in the door.

“Hey,” he says. “

What did you do today?”

You stare at him blankly, before walking away. You head upstairs and into your room, locking the door behind you. Today was too close for comfort. You’ll have to be more careful the next time…

A few days pass, and you try your plan again. This time, you wait outside until nightfall, to make sure Alan’s asleep. As expected, he walks outside without locking the door. You follow him out and quickly lock the door, then jump onto his back and tighten the makeshift harness to keep him from escaping. He walks around for a bit, before collapsing onto the ground.

“Move,” you command.

He rolls over onto his stomach and lays still.

Basset Hound – The Droopy Dog Packed with Personality -

“Up,” you say.

He lays still. It’s working! You can see the screen from outside the house, so you open the door and pull him inside. You take off the harness once you’re back inside and push him towards the TV.

“Now, play!” you say eagerly.

He grabs a controller and steps into the beams of light, entering the game. You follow him in and watch as he is instantly equipped with a few tools and weapons, as well as a robotic suit. He walks forward, and you see an HUD display Alan’s thoughts in the corner of the screen.

“One person’s junk…” you read out loud, seeing a sign in front of you.

The words ‘Press X to loot’ appear in front of the sign, so you press the button.

“You’ve found the Fast Travel Station,” the game says happily. “You can now travel to any discovered Fast Travel Station you’ve found.”

Alan continues walking through his first-person shooter, and you follow closely behind. You see a countdown in the corner of the screen, ticking down from sixty minutes. As soon as it hits zero, you’ll be forced back outside. It keeps ticking down, and you follow Alan through a few corridors. He stops in front of a door with a large “0” on it.

“Emergency escape shuttle,” the game explains. “This will take you to the main surface of the planet.”

Alan punches in the access code, opening the door. He walks inside and you follow him into a large cabin with several beds and emergency supplies. There’s two doors, one on the left wall and one on the right.

“The first door on your left leads to the bathroom. The second door on your right leads to the piloting cabin.”

Alan walks into the bathroom and you follow him inside, watching as he walks over and leans against the sink.

“I need to take a piss,” he complains.

Basset Hound – The Droopy Dog Packed with Personality -

You roll your eyes and watch as he unzips his pants and begins urinating into the sink. He lets out a sigh of relief and smiles.

You watch as a floating, pulsating, black ball of energy with red lines floating inside it appears in the air next to him.

“Oh, hello there,” the game chides.

“What the fu-” Alan starts to say, before realizing what it is he’s seeing. “

What the hell is that?”

“Play my game or I’ll kill you,” the game says.

You watch as a list of options appear in front of you, and you choose the top one.

“If you let me play, I’ll give you what you want,” you say.

The game laughs. “I’m afraid you don’t have enough to offer.”

“I have money,” you say.


the game asks, interested. “

How much?”

“Twenty-five dollars American,” you say.

Basset Hound – The Droopy Dog Packed with Personality - DogPuppySite

The game laughs again. “With what you have, I could buy two more copies of my game. You’re bluffing, and not doing a very good job.”

“Shit,” you say.

You’re not very good at this, are you?”

the game asks. “I’ll tell you what. You have three options. First, you can put a bullet in your friend’s head, and I’ll reward you. Second, you die soon anyway, so I’ll reward you if you kill yourself. Finally, if you let me play, I’ll reward you.”

“That’s option four,” you say.

The game groans in frustration. “I’m counting your earlier bluff of having money as a separate option.”

“Fine,” you say.

The game pauses for a moment, thinking. “I want to play a game. I’ll give you two options. Either you pick from one of the six playable characters, or you pick one of the three non-playable characters.

Which do you choose?

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