Bear Coat Shar Pei – What Makes This Unusual Fur So Special

Shar Pei Breeders

The Shar Pei breed originated from China where it was first domesticated around 2000 years ago. Today there are over 300 recognized breeds of dogs worldwide. There are many different types of dog breeds with various characteristics such as size, coloration, markings, temperaments and other traits.

Some breeds have been bred to produce litters of pups rather than working or hunting groups. These “puppy” breeds are called miniature breeds because they resemble small children.

There are several reasons why some dogs may not live up to their potential as full-fledged members of the family. One reason could be due to poor breeding practices and/or inadequate training. Another reason could be genetic defects caused by inbreeding (which is illegal).

In any case, these problems can cause health issues for the puppy or adult dog, which can lead to behavioral problems later in life.

Some of the most common canine diseases include hip dysplasia, heart disease, epilepsy, cancer and others. Dogs with certain genetic disorders are often unable to reproduce. If a dog cannot mate successfully then the condition will continue until death occurs.

A healthy litter of puppies can provide much joy and happiness for both parents and offspring. However, if one or more puppies do not survive through birth then the situation becomes dire.

Some of the most common reasons for the death of one or more puppies during labor include: congenital defects, stillbirths, and “dummy litters” (all puppies are stillborn). It is said that most dog breeders will experience a dummy or stillborn litter at least once in their lifetime. Even with this large possibility, breeding dogs can sometimes be very difficult to acquire.

The more rare the breed, the more expensive the dog.

Breeders must be very dedicated to their occupation because it requires many years of patience and experience. It also helps to have an inordinate amount of love for canines. Those who are unable or unwilling to raise litters of puppies to maturity should probably not become breeders no matter how much money they think they can make.

It is a true labor of love and dedication that few are willing to participate in.

Bear Coat Shar Pei – What Makes This Unusual Fur So Special - Dog Puppy Site

Breeders must be familiar with the various congenital defects, genetic disorders, genetic diseases and other problems that can plague canines of all types. Even “purebred” dogs can be born with or contract these health problems. It is not always the fault of the breeder; some dogs just have these issues.

After all, inbreeding and crossbreeding can produce some very strange results in terms of health.

In dog breeding, the stud is the male parent and the dam is the female parent. When a female is in heat, the stud is placed in the same area after a brief introduction. The pair may fight if not separated.

The actual process of breeding is called “the act” or “the deed.” The act is usually performed several times until the female is no longer fertile. Females are usually only bred once per year, but some smaller breeds can be bred twice.

During the process of inbreeding, the opposite happens. Two dogs are mated together that have been brother and sister, parent and child or grandparent and grandchild. In some cases, a dog will have an extremely rare set of chromosomes causing it to look different from other members of its breed.

Some dogs also have a double set of chromosomes, causing them to look extremely strange and also act strangely.

There are many different types of canines from lap dogs to guard dogs to hunting dogs. Some of these different breeds require different amounts of care. Toy dogs, for example require more frequent grooming than other larger breeds.

Large hunting dogs will need space to run and play while smaller types can get by with a few daily walks around the neighborhood.

The relationship between man and canine is an ancient and special one. From the earliest history of civilization, dogs have been our constant companions. Cave paintings suggest they were our first helpers in hunting and herding.

The oldest mummified remains show that even then they were buried along side their masters. They have protected our homes and defended our lives. They have been our friends, guardians and even surrogate children.

Dogs are truly a magical creature.

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