Best Dog Anti-Chew Spray – Protect Your Belongings

Best Dog Anti-Chew Spray – Protect Your Belongings

Anti Chewing Spray For Dogs: What Is It?

The best anti-chewing spray for your canine companions is one that contains natural ingredients. Some of these are herbs like basil, oregano, mint and thyme. These plants have been used in Europe for centuries to fight off insects and other things that might attack their livestock or crops. They have also been used to ward off evil spirits.

These herbs and spices are effective against certain types of bacteria and fungi but they don’t work well against all types of germs. If you’re worried about your dog getting sick from using any kind of anti-cough or anti-biting spray, then it may not be the right choice for him. You’ll want something with active ingredients that will actually make your pet feel better rather than just masking symptoms.

Some of the most popular anti-cough products contain essential oils such as lavender, rosemary and clove. These are great if your dog has allergies or asthma but they aren’t going to do much for bad breath. There are also some sprays that use menthol (the same ingredient found in cigarettes) which makes them less appealing to many people.

You need to be careful with sprays that have alcohol in them. While this may seem like a good way to kill germs, it can dry out a dog’s nose or make them choke if they’re not used to it. It might seem like I’m saying not to use products that contain alcohol but there are some safe alternatives that work just as well.

There is no need for them to contain anything other than natural ingredients that are proven to kill bacteria.

The spray should be sprayed into the air and allowed to float down onto your dog as he breathes it in. After that, they can lick themselves or each other if they want to.

There are many sprays on the market that contain harmful chemicals or preservatives so it’s up to you to do your own research. Some of the most common ones found in over-the-counter sprays are alcohol, numbing agents and artificial colors.

There are some sprays on the market that contain natural ingredients such as aloe vera, tea tree oil and vitamin E. These don’t do much to get rid of bad breath but they can keep your dog’s nose from getting irritated. There are also some sprays that claim to be alcohol-free but it’s unclear what they’re using instead.

It might be better to stay away from these until there is more testing done on them.

Best Dog Anti-Chew Spray – Protect Your Belongings

Dogs like to chew, that’s just what they do. While some can resist the urge to gnaw on their owner’s belongings, others just don’t get it and need a little extra help. This is where the best anti-chew spray for dogs comes in handy.

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These sprays contain natural ingredients that can deter your dog from chewing on things. Not only will they keep your belonging safe, they’ll make your home smell good too. Here are some of the best sprays you can get for your pet.

Bitter Apple

This spray contains organic ingredients such as flavor oils, denatonium benzoate and castor oil. While denatonium benzoate is known to be a foul-tasting chemical, the main ingredient is the flavor oils that give this spray its bitter taste. Castor oil coats whatever it is sprayed on which will make whatever your dog chews on taste horrible.

Pet owners have given rave reviews about this product. It’s one of the most popular sprays for treating and preventing most kinds of chewing. It is safe to use on furniture, carpeting, stairs and whatever else your dog likes to chew on.

You can even use it on your electric pet fence to discourage your dog from leaning against it.

Be sure to spray this directly on your dog’s fur or skin as opposed to the floor he’s walking on. You can spray this on your dog’s paws and belly if need be.

This product does not stain and will wash off easily with no worries about your dog ingesting it. It is meant to taste bad so as to discourage your dog from chewing but it isn’t harmful if he happens to swallow any.

This spray is also very inexpensive which makes it an excellent value for the money. You don’t need to use very much of it either so the small size bottle will last you a long time.

Preventive Chew Spray

This spray is designed specifically to deter dogs from chewing on their owner’s belongings and will keep working even after repeated contact with the item. The scent comes from natural essences of plants.

The company that makes this spray claims that this natural scent is undetectable to humans but incredibly noticeable to dogs. So much so that it will make your dog not want to chew on anything that it’s been sprayed on.

One of the main ingredients in this spray is rapeseed oil. It’s odorless and tasteless to humans but has a very disagreeable taste to dogs. It is said to be more effective than traditional pepper sprays because the unpleasant taste lingers for quite some time.

If the taste doesn’t deter them, then the smell will.

You can also use this spray on your dog’s bedding to make him not want to sleep on it. This will keep him from getting into the bad habit of chewing stuff in the first place.

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The scent is strong but not overbearing and will dissipate over time. It is completely safe to use on your dog or anything else for that matter. Just be sure you don’t get it in your eyes.

This spray can be used on more than just your dog’s belongings. You can use it on furniture, carpeting and pretty much anything else that you don’t want your dog chewing on. The bottle is small enough to take with you when you leave your dog home alone so you can treat the things in your home that you don’t want him to destroy while you’re gone.

Alpha Gal Basic Training Spray

This spray uses the natural instincts of mother dogs to discourage their pups from chewing on forbidden objects. Mother dogs scent mark their dens and chew toys with their saliva. This is done as a natural way for them to teach their young what is and is not theirs.

This product mimics those scent markings, making your dog believe that the item has already been marked as yours. While this won’t stop your dog from chewing everything in sight, it will at least help with the items that you don’t want him to destroy.

The scent is harmless to humans and pets and washes off easily. It will last for quite some time and best of all, it’s completely safe to use around children and pets.

The bottle is small and easy to carry around with you when you leave your dog unattended. You can also use it to mark your own belongings as yours so that your dog won’t chew on them while you’re gone.

There are no limits to where this spray can be used. Use it to mark your furniture, carpeting, bedding and any other item that you don’t want your dog to destroy. Dogs tend to respect other animals that they encounter in the wild and this product will make your dog think of you as the “alpha” in the house.

The spray bottle design is easy to use and the trigger incorporates a child safety lock so you don’t accidently get the contents in your eyes. It is manufactured in the United States and comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

All of these products are available on Amazon.

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