Best Dog Food for Goldendoodles to Keep Them Happy and Healthy

Best Dog Food for Goldendoodles to Keep Them Happy and Healthy

If you are looking for best dog food recipe then you may read on below:


What is Best Dog Food Recipe?

It’s a simple formula which consists of ingredients which have been proven effective in keeping your pet healthy. These ingredients include fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs and dairy products. You will need to add other supplements such as vitamins, minerals or herbs if needed.


How to Make Best Dog Food Recipe?

You can make it at home using these easy steps:

Step 1 : Selecting Ingredients for Best Dog Food Recipe:

Choose the most nutritious foods. You want to feed your pets with the right balance of nutrients. Here are some tips which will help you choose the best dog food recipe:

a) Choose meaty foods over fatty ones. Fatty foods contain too much fat and calories. They increase the risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Meaty foods are better for your pet because they provide essential amino acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

b) Choose high quality protein sources like chicken liver instead of ground beef. Chicken liver contains all the essential amino acids required by dogs while ground beef does not contain any essential amino acid except methionine (which is used up quickly).

c) Cook your ingredients if you want to keep the natural nutrients but need to be cooked in order to eliminate potential pathogens.

d) Add some whole grains such as oatmeal, brown rice, barley while adding carbohydrates. They are good sources of energy and helps keep the immune system strong.

e) Add some fruits and vegetables for their vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Broccoli, carrots, blueberries, pumpkin, sweet potatoes are some good choices.

Best Dog Food for Goldendoodles to Keep Them Happy and Healthy - | Dog Puppy Site

f) You can also add eggs, low-fat cottage cheese or low-fat yogurt as a source of high quality protein.

Step 2 : Choose a Suitable Food Container:

You need to choose a suitable food container in which you will make your pet’s food. It should have a large opening to add ingredients easily. It should also have a clip on the side in order to allow you to adjust the size of the opening for adding ingredients or taking out food.

Step 3 : Preparation of Best Dog Food Recipe:

a) First of all wash all the ingredients thoroughly under running water. Then pat them dry with clean cloth or paper towel.

b) Place the container on a flat working surface.

c) Spread some paper towels on the working surface. This is to prevent the formation of stains while preparing the food.

d) Add the liver and some water in a pan and cook it over low to medium heat. Keep stirring in between so that it does not get burned at the bottom of the pan. Cook it until it becomes soft. Then add all the other ingredients and stir well.

e) You can now pour the food in the container and refrigerate it.

f) You can serve the food to your dog by placing some food in a bowl and then refrigerating the food until it’s cold.

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