Best Dog Goggles – Eye Protection or Vision Enhancement

What are Dog Goggles?

Dog goggles are protective glasses worn by dogs to protect their eyes from harmful UV rays and other dangerous elements. They have been used for many years in Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. However, they were not available in the US until recently due to high cost. Nowadays there are several brands of dog goggles that provide good quality at reasonable prices. The most popular brand is called “Optic” which was founded in France back in 2006.

The Benefits of Dog Goggles

There are various benefits of wearing dog goggles. One of them is prevention against cataracts. Cataracts are a condition where the lens inside your eyes becomes cloudy and blurry.

Dogs suffer from cataract because they tend to spend a lot time outdoors and under direct sunlight. Some studies suggest that exposure to UV rays may cause cataracts in humans too. Other studies suggest that it does not affect us.

But what if it did?

If it happened, then our vision would become blurred and we could no longer see clearly. Dogs wear dog goggles to prevent cataracts.

Another benefit of wearing dog goggles is protection against heat stroke. Heatstroke occurs when the body temperature rises above normal levels causing muscle cramps, rapid heartbeat and breathing problems. It can be very dangerous if not treated immediately.

As we all know, dogs are outside a lot and they like to stay in the sun for the most part. This causes them to become dehydrated and hot very quickly. Dogs do not sweat like we do so they pant as a way to cool themselves down.

It is very important to keep an eye on your dog during these times and provide lots of water. Wearing dog goggles can prevent your dog from getting heatstoke by blocking sunlight and keeping your pet cool.

Another benefit of wearing dog goggles is eye injuries protection. It’s sad, but true that some people are cruel and abuse animals. Dog cruelty happens more than we think and it should never be tolerated.

Even when people don’t mean to be cruel, accidents happen that lead to animal injuries. Without dog goggles, your dog’s eyes can be seriously injured by things such as flying objects, sticks, etc.

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As you can see, there are several benefits to buying your dog a pair of goggles. It’s a small price to pay for protection against long-term eye problems and heat stroke.

What Makes a Good Pair of Dog Goggles?

There are a number of things to look for when buying dog goggles.

UV Protection

As we already mentioned, it’s important to get a good pair of dog goggles that provide UV protection. Without UV protection, your dogs can suffer from eye injuries and long-term eye problems such as cataracts. Look for goggles that have lenses that block out 99-100% of UV rays.

Most good quality goggles will have this feature.


As a pet owner, your number one priority should be the well-being of your pet. Make sure that the goggles you buy are comfortable for your dog to wear. It doesn’t matter how many features the goggles have if your dog is afraid of them or refuses to wear them.

Look for a pair that fit well and do not cause any pressure on your dog’s face or head.


Good pet goggles are made with durable materials that can withstand the test of time. Cheaper goggles tend to break and fall apart quickly. Look for brands that come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

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However, no matter how well-made a set of goggles is if your dog is not treating them properly. You need to ensure that you keep an eye on your dog and keep them from chewing or ripping the goggles apart.

Safety Features

Besides the UV protection and ventilation holes, there are other safety features that you should look for in a good pair of doggles.


A good pair of goggles will have adjustable straps to ensure a snug and comfortable fit. The last thing you want is for your goggles to be askew or falling off your dog’s face. Look for a pair with adjustable side straps and rear head strap for maximum security.

Bridge Size

The bridge of your dog’s nose is an area that can be prone to suffering pressure sores due to rubbing. Pressure sores are very uncomfortable and in some cases, a serious medical condition. Look for goggles that have a larger bridge to ensure that your dog’s nose doesn’t suffer from rubbing or being pinched by the goggles.


As you can see, there are many factors to take into consideration when choosing the best dog goggles for your pet. Dog owners are divided on whether or not goggles are necessary for dogs. However, if you have concerns about protecting your dog’s vision or preventing eye injuries and eye problems then a good pair of goggles could be a worthwhile investment.

Our favorite overall are the Tru-Spec K9 Elite Dog Goggles which have many of the safety features and comforts that all dog owners should look for in a good pair of goggles. Our favorite value pick is the SODIAL(R) Dog Goggles for Dogs, a cheap but reliable option.

Whichever pair you choose for your pet, just make sure to pay attention to the sizing and ventilation. Your dog’s health and safety come first.

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