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Start: A noun or Adjective?

The word start comes from Latin, which means “to begin.” From there it spread to English via French and then Spanish. In fact, the word started its life as a verb meaning “to commence” (as in “I’m starting work today”). However, the earliest known use of the term as a noun was in 1847. That’s when the Oxford English Dictionary defined it as “a new beginning.”

In other words, the first time someone uses the word start, they’re talking about something new.

So why do some people say start is an adjective while others say it’s a noun?

First off, both meanings are correct. But if you want to be specific about what you mean by start, you’ll probably prefer to stick with the adjectival form.

Examples of Start Meanings Adjectives:

1) A new beginning.

2) An event that begins a series of events.

3) Something that starts out bad but eventually turns into something better.

4) Something that begins at the bottom and ends up somewhere else entirely.

5) A person who goes through many changes before reaching their goal or goals.

6) Someone who makes a big change in their life and then stays the same person afterwards.

7) A person who got off to a rough start in life but then went on to achieve great things.

8) A book that you could never put down.

9) An experience that altered you as a person forever.

10) A good example of something and the best one of its kind.

Examples of Start Meanings Nouns:

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1) Something that begins, especially a new event or series of events.

2) The first part or beginning of something.

3) A person who begins something and sets it off or starts it going.

4) The beginning part of a speech or talk.

5) A beginning of life or existence.

6) The part of a business day when business is slowest.

7) A person that starts fights, accidents, or other problems.

8) The first part or beginning of anything else, such as the start of an experiment or the start of a journey.

Synonyms of Start

Beginning: Starting point: Commencement:

1) The first point or moment of anything.

2) A place or time at which something begins.

3) The act or process of beginning something.

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4) A person or thing that initiates an action or event.

Inception: Introduction:

1) The start of something.

2) A new idea, method, or project.

Onset: Commencement: Onset of something. Outset: Beginning: Commencement of something.

There are many ways to use the word start, but whatever way you want to use it, you can be sure that everyone will understand and here it correctly. As long as you use the word in a way that makes sense within the context of your sentence, then you should be fine.

First Meaning of Start

The first meaning of the word start is a new beginning. Sometimes you can’t do something until something else happens first. This is the type of start that we are all familiar with, and it is the most common one that we use and hear.

Some examples of first meaning of start are:

-I can’t love you until you love me too.

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-I can’t buy a car until I have a job.

-I can’t watch TV until the test is over.

-I can’t go out with my friends until I do the dishes.

-The party can’t start until everyone is here.

-The bus won’t leave until everyone is on board.

-I can’t start eating until you sit down to eat too.

-I can’t do my homework until my mom says I can.

Second Meaning of Start

The second meaning of the word start is an event that begins a series of events. When something starts, it is the first part of something that will have more parts later.

Some examples of the second meaning of start are:

-My day started with coffee and cereal for breakfast.

-The weekend starts on Thursday because that is when I get paid.

-The nightmare starts with me falling through a hole in the ground.

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-My vacation starts tomorrow, I can’t wait!

-The concert starts at 8:00, but we need to leave by 6:00 to get good seats.

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