Best Dog Tear Stain Remover – How to Deal With Those Pesky Marks

Dog Teeth: What Are They Good For?

The teeth are used for chewing food, drinking water, eating, and breathing. Dogs have five permanent molars (the front two incisors), three canine maxillary premolar teeth (the back ones) and four molars in their upper jaw (the lower one). These teeth are used for cutting meat or bones into small pieces to eat them. Their bite strength is very strong because they are so powerful.

Dogs’ teeth are not only used for chewing food but also for biting other animals, humans and each other. Dogs often use their teeth to fight with each other or even humans when there is no reason to do it otherwise. Also dogs sometimes chew up things like toys, clothing and carpeting just to keep themselves occupied from boredom.

When a dog bites someone, it hurts quite badly. The victim may feel pain in his or her body parts such as the face, neck, chest and stomach area. Sometimes the victim will suffer from internal bleeding due to the broken bones of the teeth breaking through skin and organs.

If a dog bit you while you were sleeping, your heart would stop immediately without any chance of recovery.

How can you prevent dogs from chewing up things?

You have to keep them occupied with chewing toys and bones. Old shoes, slippers and other clothing items that are not really important can be included in the list of potential toys. Dogs don’t like to play with dirty or smelly toys so it is very important to clean their toys every once in a while.

Best Dog Tear Stain Removers that Work

Tear stains on dogs can be a very frustrating and potentially messy problem. Whether the stains are from muddy paws, grass stains or tear stains, it is important to address them quickly and efficiently to maintain your sanity. There are professional solutions for all of these problems, but there are also cheaper, and in some cases more reliable solutions to these problems.

Tear Stains

One of the more commonly recognized dog stains are those left behind by a drooling, sobbing pooch. These unsightly stains can be caused by a couple of things, including the colour and consistency of your dogs tears.

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