Best Food For A Great Dane Puppy – Help Him Grow Up Big And Strong

Best Dog Food For Great Danes: What Is Best?

It’s not just a question of what you feed your pet; it’s also a matter of how much you feed them!

How do you decide which foods are right for your canine companions?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best dog food for dogs. These include nutrition, taste, health benefits, cost effectiveness and convenience. You may have heard that some breeds need different types of diets than others. While this is true, there are other factors to consider as well.


The first thing to think about when deciding on the best dog food for your pup is their nutritional needs.

Are they growing or maturing fast enough?

If so, then feeding them too much may result in digestive upset and possibly even death. Your dog will grow faster if fed a balanced diet of fresh vegetables, fruits and grains rather than high calorie treats like dry kibbles and dried meat strips.

Another consideration is whether or not your dog requires special supplements. Some dogs require extra vitamins and minerals, while others may benefit from a higher protein diet. If you’re considering feeding your dog a high protein diet, make sure to read our article on the best dog food for weight loss.


While taste isn’t necessarily the most important factor when selecting the best food for your dog, it does play an important role in determining its overall enjoyment level. If your dog eats something that tastes terrible to them, they are likely to exhibit undesirable behavior such as pickiness or even vomiting. Be sure to choose a flavor and type of food that they like and are willing to eat. If you have several dogs, it may be best to get a variety of flavors so that everyone is happy.

Health Benefits

When it comes to the best dog food for your canine companion, you’ll want to consider their overall health. Dry dog food is the best choice for most dogs, because it cleans their teeth while they eat and helps prevent tooth decay and tarter buildup. It also reduces the risk of digestive problems that may arise from eating other types of food, like dairy products or red meat.


Finally, you’ll want to think about how convenient the best dog food is for you. While fresh foods like raw meats are ideal, they require prep time and refrigeration. Even storing large bags of dry food can be problematic if you have a large dog. Finding a happy medium between convenience and nutrition can help you find the best food for your furry friend.

So what is the best dog food?

That depends on your pet’s specific needs and your own personal preferences. By reading the above tips, however, you should be able to find the right food for your dog in no time.

Dry Food Or Canned Food?

It is a common misconception that all dogs should eat food that has moisture in it, similar to how humans eat sandwiches with juice in the middle. On the other hand, people also refer to dry food as “kibbles.” This is false. Dogs have no need for juice in their diet.

Most veterinarians will tell you that regardless of the size of the dog, it only takes a tablespoon of water per pound of body weight. So if you have a 15 lb. dog that you’re looking after, give it just a tablespoon of water each day.

Dogs under a year old may need slightly more, while puppies and older dogs may need slightly less.

Also, canned food doesn’t require water to be consumed, but it DOES contain a lot of extra water.

So if you want to know whether or not to feed your dog dry food or canned food, ask yourself this: Is my dog under a year old?

Then feed it canned.

Is it a grown dog (one year or older)?

Then feed it dry.

Remember that feeding schedules may differ, and if you have any concerns about your pet, ask your veterinarian what is best for your dog’s specific breed, age, and size.

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