Best Food For Yorkie Puppy Dogs: Top Feeding Tips And Brand Reviews

Royal Canin Yorkie Puppy Dog Food Review

The Royal Canin Corporation was founded in 1958 and is one of the leading pet food manufacturers in the world. They produce over 1,000 different brands of dog food products, including their own line called “Canine Health” which includes all natural ingredients and no antibiotics or hormones.

Their main product lines include “Healthy Choice”, “Ultimate Nutrition”, “Puppy Chow”, and others.

The company’s headquarters are located in North Carolina, USA.

They have been producing dog food since the early 1960s and they still continue to do so today. They manufacture most of their products at their Ralston plant in Georgia.

The Ralston plant produces over 100 different breeds of dogs and cat foods, but the majority of its production goes towards Royal Canin products.

Their primary focus is on the production of dog food. However, they also sell other pet supplies such as collars, leashes, bowls and litter trays.

They even offer a line of cat litter!

Rescue Time For Yorkies?

If you are a true dog lover, then you are probably already spending a good amount of your free time playing and interacting with your pet. However, you may not be giving as much attention to your dog’s overall well being – things like feeding time, walking time, bathroom breaks, playing time and sleeping time.

Like all animals, dogs need routine and structure in their lives. A Yorkie is no exception.

But for that matter, neither are full-sized dogs. In fact, a Yorkie may require more attention to details of their day to day routines since they tend to live much longer than larger breeds – some living up to 20 years or more!

So how can you be sure that you are giving your dog everything it needs each and every day? And more importantly, how can you be sure that you are providing your dog with the best possible life?

One of the first things that you can do to make sure your Yorkie is getting everything it needs is to limit its exposure to other dogs. While it may be true that it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there and your Yorkie may be top dog, it doesn’t necessarily need to interact with other dogs every day. While it may enjoy the company of other canines, it is not necessary and it could actually be a hindrance to its health in the long run.

For one thing, Yorkies are very small. While larger dogs tend to mean larger bites and more pressure, even small bites and quick snaps from other dogs can cause devastating damage to a Yorkie.

This is especially true of unneutered dogs that feel the need to mark their territory. Even if your Yorkie is the toughest guy in the dog park, there’s no doubt that when it comes to size, it’s on the smaller side and that makes it a target for bullying.

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Even if your dog doesn’t suffer an injury at the paws of another canine, exposing it to these situations on a regular basis can be stressful for it. It may seem resilient at times, but just like anyone, a Yorkie has its limits.

There’s also the issue of aggressive stray dogs and pets. While you may catch every opportunity to take your dog to the park, there’s no telling what sort of riff raff may be there on any given day.

While it can be difficult to keep your dog isolated from other dogs, you really need to consider your dog’s overall health when making this decision.

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