Best Harness For Golden Retriever Dogs And Their Owners

Best Dog Harness For Golden Retriever Puppy Size:

The harnesses are available in different sizes, but they all have one thing in common – they do not fit well on your dogs body. You need to buy a harness which fits properly on your dog’s body and does not restrict movement. Your dog will feel comfortable while wearing it. If you want to make sure that your pup doesn’t get cold easily, then choose a larger size than normal ones.

There are many types of dog harnesses available for dogs. Some of them are made from soft material like fleece or down, some of them are made from leather, some of them are made from plastic and others. All these types provide different levels of comfort to your dog.

You may also consider buying a harness with a collar attached to it instead of just a harness alone. A collar helps keep your pup safe when he is out in the wild. Again, you can find many types of collars available that come with harnesses.

You should also get a harness which is very easy to put on and take off. You may want to use harness when you are travelling with your dog or visiting a vet, then it will be very difficult to manage your dog without a harness. So, it is best if you can easily put on or take off the harness without any assistant.

Best Car Harness For Golden Retriever:

A harness should provide the support a dog needs while travelling. A harness should also be well-ventilated to prevent your pet from getting too hot or too cold. If you are planning on taking your dog long journeys then a car harness is a must have for every pet owner. Car harnesses can vary in price, so find one that works best for you and your dog.

Best Harness For Golden Retriever:

A harness is a wonderful tool for training, walking and caring. Dogs find it much easier to walk in a harness rather than pulling on a collar. A well-fitted and good quality harness will either go over the head or around the chest of your dog. It should not be too loose or too tight.

The harness should be fitted so that you should be able to fit one or two fingers between the harness and your dog. There should be enough padding under the harness to ensure your dog does not feel any discomfort from rubbing.

Ruffwear – Dog Harness Size Guide:

Best Harness For Golden Retriever Dogs And Their Owners - | Dog Puppy Site

Size Girth (inches) Girth (cm) XXS 20-29 9.0-11.5 XS 21-34 10.0-13.5 S 24-40 11.0-15.5 M 27-45 12.5-16.5 L 30-51 13.5-19.0

Size Guidelines

Measuring Your Dog:

Note: The measure should be taken just below the front legs and just above the hind legs.

Step 1: Use a soft tape measure, and put it around the chest of your dog just behind the front legs and pull it until it is snug but not too tight. Record this number. This is your dogs chest measurement.

Step 2: Measure your dog’s back from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. Record this measurement.

Step 3: Use the following table to determine the proper harness size for your dog. If your dog’s measurements fall on a boundary line, order the next larger size.

Note: If your dog is still growing then order a harness that will allow for a bit of growth, but not too much. You do not want your dog to have too much room in a harness as this can cause some of the same problems as with a collar.

Harness Size chart:

Size Chest Girth Back Measure XX-Small 13″ – 21″ 13″ – 15″ X-Small 18″ – 25″ 15″ – 19″ Small 21″ – 31″ 16″ – 22″ Medium 23 1/2 ” – 35 5/8″ 17 3/4 ” – 26 3/4 ” Large 27 1/2 ” – 40 1/2″ 18 7/8 ” – 29 1/2 “

The only thing you need to take care of is whether your dog is a “V” or “U” shaped chest. If the dog’s chest measurement is between two sizes, choose the larger size if your dog’s chest is more “V” shaped, or choose the smaller size if your dog’s chest is more “U” shaped.

The step-in harness is a type of harness that is easy to fit and put on. Most dogs require almost no adjustment period for them to get used to the feel of the harness. Some dogs can be a little skittish of the new experience, but most can get accustomed to it quite easily. Once accustomed to the step-in harness, most dogs will enjoy wearing it.

Best Harness For Golden Retriever Dogs And Their Owners - Dog Puppy Site

Our step-in harness is made of high-quality nylon. The buckles and other metal pieces used in the construction are made of metal, not plastic. They are designed to distribute any pulling forces across the entire chest and not on the edges or corners, like many collars, making them much safer for your dog.

Another great feature of our step-in harness is the dual handle design. This allows extra control for you and your dog when needed. For example, if your dog decides to start chasing a squirrel up a tree, you can use the top handle to steer him back towards you. If he tries to pull out of the harness at any time, use the bottom handle to give him that extra little “something” that helps them remember they are not supposed to pull.

The step-in harness also has two different types of buckles. The first is a standard buckle that you would find on most dog products. It is easy to use and adjusts to fit your dog’s size. The second type of buckle we use is called a “quick release” buckle.

This type of buckle allows you to quickly and easily put the harness on and take it off your dog. You simply slide it together, and it adjusts the harness to fit your dog. To take it off, simply slide the two pieces apart. This is especially handy if you have a dog that likes to wear a harness, but needs to take it off in the house or in the car. If you need to temporarily remove the harness (such as to grab something from the house or to briefly set them down in the car), then you can easily do so with this buckle.

Another feature of our harness is the option to add padding. If you choose to add padding, we will install soft nylon webbing onto the inside of the harness. This adds extra padding and comfort for your dog. Many customers have told us that their dogs seem to enjoy the extra comfort of the padded harness.

The harness you receive will be fully adjustable, but the standard adjustment loops will be left out. Instead, there are four loops evenly spaced along both sides of the harness. These loops are used to attach the padded sections for your dog’s comfort.

The harness comes in four sizes to ensure a good fit:

XX-Small: Chest: 13″ – 15″ Length: 10″

X-Small: Chest: 16″ – 18″ Length: 12″

Small: Chest: 19″ – 21″ Length: 15″

Medium: Chest: 22″ – 24″ Length: 17″

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