Best Organic Dog Treats – Which Brand Is Best for Your Pup

The Best Organic Dog Treats – Which Brand Is Best For Your Puppy?

In this article we are going to discuss about best organic dog treats. There are many different brands available online and in stores. However, it is not easy to choose which one is the best brand for your pup. You need to consider several factors such as taste, ingredients, packaging and other things like that.

You might think that you have enough time to research all these things before choosing the best organic dog treat. But there are some aspects that you may overlook when shopping online or in store. Here are some of them:


Price : Do you want to spend money on expensive dog treats?

If so, then go with the most expensive ones because they will provide better quality than cheaper ones. The same goes if you want to buy organic dog treats.


Quality : How do you feel about the ingredients used in the products? Are they safe and good for your pet?


Packaging : Does the product come in a package that is attractive and convenient? What happens if something does happen to your pup while eating the food?


Size : Will you be able to fit all of your pup’s favorite foods into his mouth at once?


Smell : Does the food smell bad? Does it have an odor at all?


Taste : Does the food taste good? What happens if your pet doesn’t like the taste? How will you be able to get him to eat the food?


Time : How long does it take for your pet to eat the food? Does he spend too much time chewing it or does he scarf it down too quickly?


Appearance : Does the food look appetizing to you? Would you want to eat it yourself? Does it have the same texture as real food or is it chalky and hard to eat?


Feel : Does the food feel good between your fingers? Would you want to touch it?

10) Smell Test : Take a whiff.

Is the food’s odor over powering or does it smell ok? Maybe even good?

All of these are important factors to consider when choosing the best organic dog treat. There is nothing more discouraging than buying a bag or box of food for your pet only to find that it doesn’t pass one, or even all, of the tests listed above. If this happens, then you will have wasted time and money on a product that isn’t worth it. So make sure to choose carefully and good luck!

The Orgainc Dog Treats: You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Them But They Could Be Good For Your Dog

There are so many kinds of treats for dogs on the market nowadays. It can get confusing if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for. If you have read through our site a bit, then you probably already know that we are big fans of organic food for dogs. The first step in making sure your dog is getting the right food is knowing what ingredients to look for. If you are buying treats rather than food, you have an extra step of figuring out which treats are good and which ones aren’t.

The best way to do this is to become informed so that you can tell the difference.

When looking for the best organic dog treats, you want to look for the same things you look for in regular food: protein, vitamins, and minerals. The difference is that with treats, you also have to consider ingredients like sugar, preservatives, and other things of that nature.

The Orgainc Dog Treats: Our Pick

As far as organic dog treat options go, we chose the Nature’s Logic line simply because it offers the best protein content. All of their treats are meat based rather than grain or corn based (with the exception of the Lamb Lung which doesn’t contain as much protein anyway). Since dogs are meat eaters, it makes sense that they would do best with treats that are meat based as well. The carbohydrate content is also kept to a minimum which is good since most dogs do not need a lot of carbs.

While there are other organic dog treat options out there that might be slightly less expensive, we feel Nature’s Logic is a better choice for your dog if you are going to go with an organic treat rather than a regular one. Your dog will love the taste, you can feel good about giving it to him, and you won’t have to worry about chemicals or pesticides being in his treat.

So start reading those labels! You may be surprised by what you find…

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