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Royal Canin Dog Food Review: What Is Royal Canin?

The name “Royal” in the name of Royal Canin Dog Food comes from the fact that it was originally developed in England. However, since then, it has been sold all over the world. The company’s founder is John Titor, who is a British veterinarian and breeder. His father was a vet and he himself became one when he graduated medical school at Cambridge University in England. He started working in the animal hospital there before moving to London where he worked for several years. Thereafter, he moved back to England and founded a veterinary practice called the Titor Veterinary Hospital in Oxfordshire. After his retirement, he continued his work as a consultant at the hospital until his death in 2003.

John Titor’s son David took over running the business after his father’s death. Since then, the company has grown tremendously. Today, Royal Canin is a global leader in canine health care products and services.

In 2008, John Titor established a new company called Canine Partnerships Limited (CPL) which is based out of Australia. CPL owns various pet brands such as Purina One® and Purina ONE™.

Royal Canin’s goal is to “improve the health of dogs throughout the world” by developing nutritional solutions that improve their health and well-being. The company has a team of veterinary researchers who focus on canine health and nutrition.

They have a staff of approximately 1,200 people, including 800 veterinarians in 37 countries around the world. Their research and development (R&D) center is located in France and they also have manufacturing facilities all over the world.

One of Royal Canin’s most recent developments is the Gastro Intestinal (GI) Health Nutrition System. This system is designed to promote intestinal health and it includes a combination of key nutrients, fiber and prebiotics. These have been clinically proven to be effective in improving the GI tract of dogs.

The system also helps to improve the absorption of nutrients, thus improving your dog’s general health.

There are other tools available on their website, such as a nutritional requirements calculator and a weight checker to see if your dog is at an ideal weight. You can also find further information on the GI Health System and its benefits.

Royal Canin has also developed online training modules for dog owners. These are designed to help you train your dog with positive reinforcement techniques rather than punishment. They focus on getting your dog to think rather than just following orders.

The modules educate you on behavior issues such as separation anxiety, barking, jumping up, chewing and more. There are also tools available for breeders who are looking to breed healthier dogs and puppies.

Royal canin boxer food ingredients

Best Puppy Food for Boxers’ Health and Happiness -

The Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Bulldog puppy food is formulated especially for the Bulldog. The Bulldog has a tendency towards obesity and this diet was made to prevent that while still providing excellent nutrition. The main sources of protein come from chicken and eggs.

These are some of the purest forms of protein and are easy for puppies to digest. The carbohydrates come from fruits and vegetables such as potatoes, peas, carrots, apples and more. All these ingredients provide your puppy with healthy nutrients and plenty of energy for playtime.

The first five ingredients in this food are chicken, chicken egg, chicken by-product, chicken meal and peas. These were chosen for their high protein content and ability to be easily digested. The carbohydrates in this food come from potatoes and other simple sugars.

This is a good food for Bulldog pups as it contains all the nutrition they need without unnecessary fillers.

The adult Royal Canin Bulldog food also has its main sources of protein from chicken and eggs. The difference is that the adult food includes other forms of healthy protein as well such as lamb and fish. It also contains more carbohydrates such as brown rice and whole grain corn.

This food is appropriate for adult Bulldogs who are at a healthy weight and do not have any problems with obesity or other serious health issues.

Royal Canin Bulldog food is made with a special care and attention to the health and well being of your Bulldog. The proteins and carbohydrates in this food are easily digestible, making it gentle on the stomach. It also includes healthy vitamins and minerals that keep your dog in tip top shape.

This all-in-one formula is meant to provide everything your adult or growing dog needs from puppyhood all the way to adulthood.

Royal Canin Bulldog puppy food

The Royal Canin Boxer Junior food is a great food for Boxer puppies and younger adult dogs. This food has all the nutrients and vitamins that growing dogs need. It includes high levels of essential amino acids which help with growth, maintenance, and bodily processes.

The fat content in this food is beneficial for young dogs as it helps with the development of cells, membranes, and hormones.

The first five ingredients in this food are pork, chicken, pork liver, pork meal, and whole brown rice. These were chosen for their high protein content and easy digestibility. The carbohydrates in this food are from whole brown rice which is an easily digestible form of carbohydrates.

Best Puppy Food for Boxers’ Health and Happiness - DogPuppySite

This food contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals that your young Boxer needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

This food can also be used for adult boxers who are not at a healthy weight. Adult dogs can often gain weight quite easily but this food has been specifically designed for obese and overweight dogs. Royal Canin includes appropriate levels of both protein and fat to help dogs lose weight in a healthy manner.

This is an excellent choice for any boxer and the formula has been approved by veterinary nutritionists. Overweight and lazy Boxers suffering from health problems due to excess weight can experience a dramatic change in their lives with this nutritious diet.

Older boxers or dogs with pre-existing health conditions should instead look at the Royal Canin bulldog food as it is specially formulated for that demographic.

Royal Canin Bulldog Food

The Royal Canin Bulldog Maxi Diet is a specialized diet for older Bulldogs who are either unhealthy or overweight. This food was designed specifically for adult dogs who need to lose weight or have certain medical conditions exacerbated by obesity.

Obesity in dogs can cause a wide range of medical problems such as diabetes, heart disease, joint pain or even skin infections. This food is designed to help overweight and older dogs lose weight in a healthy manner while avoiding these health issues. This diet contains a high amount of fiber and less fat than the regular Bulldog food formula.

It also avoids certain ingredients that may be harder to digest for older dogs such as cereals. The fat content is instead made up for with proteins from eggs, milk, and fish.

The fiber content of this food helps your dog feel fuller longer and regulates their blood sugar levels which decreases the likelihood of them overeating. The proteins help build lean muscle mass which burns more calories than fat. The low fat content increases digestibility making your dog feel full longer and avoiding painful digestive issues such as pancreatitis or diarrhea.

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Old English Bulldog Food

The Old English Bulldog Maxi Digest diet is a specialized diet for older or obese Old English Bulldogs. This food is made to avoid the medical complications caused by obesity in older dogs such as diabetes, heart disease, liver problems or joint pain.

Just like the food for old English Bulldogs, this food avoids cereal and wheat gluten that can be difficult for older dogs to digest. It instead uses grains such as oats, barley, and white rice that are easy to digest and contain high amounts of soluble fiber.

The high levels of fibers help your dog feel fuller longer and decrease the likelihood of them overeating. The higher protein content of this food also decreases hunger by improving satiety or “fullness”. The low fat content of this food avoids painful digestive issues such as pancreatitis or diarrhea in older dogs.

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