Best Shampoo for Chihuahua Dogs of every Type

Best Dog Shampoo For Shedding Chihuahuas?

The first thing you need to do is make sure your dog doesn’t have any allergies or other problems with their skin. If they are allergic to anything then you should avoid using any kind of dog shampoo. You may want to consult your vet before making such a decision.

You will also need to check if your pet has a sensitive scalp and hair coat. A little bit of regular grooming can go a long way in keeping your fur from getting matted and tangled up.

Also, you might want to consider what type of hair coat your furry friend has. Some dogs shed less than others.

Your best bet would be to contact a professional groomer who specializes in dogs. They can give you some suggestions on how much grooming your pet needs to get rid of its fur.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing all the work yourself, then hiring someone else could be a good idea. But as always, you need to make sure that the person you hire is experienced and professional.

How To Pick The Right Shampoo?

Shampoos for dogs can have a lot of different ingredients. It would be best if you could find one that has natural ingredients. That way you can be sure that your furball isn’t allergic to anything in it. You should also keep an eye out for shampoos that have a bad reputation for making dogs sick.

Many people pick dry shampoos for their dogs for a couple of reasons. The first reason is because if your dog has a thick and oily coat then you should probably avoid using a shampoo on it.

The second reason is because dry shampoos are good at absorbing the oils from your dog’s hair and coat. If you have a shedding dog then this can help keep the hair out of the house.

How To Bathe Your Dog?

The first thing you will need to do is make sure that your dog is fully ready for a bath. This means it needs to be relaxed and in a good mood. If the dog is already dirty then you should wait until after it has time to dry off before you begin bathing it.

You should fill up your wash basin or bucket with lukewarm water. You should then add some of your dog shampoo of choice.

After that you can begin to gently apply it to your furry friend’s fur and skin. Use your hands to massage the suds into their hair and skin for a minute or two. Make sure that you are covering all areas including the head, body, legs, tail, and face.

You should rinse off your dog after you have applied the suds for a couple of minutes. Use your hands to make sure that all of the suds are gone.

After that you can apply a conditioner if you wish to help moisturize their coat.

After you are done, you should gently pat or squeeze out any excess water that is on their fur. You should then give your pet time to dry off before letting them back outside or putting them back in their cage.

How To Groom Your Dog?

Grooming your dog is more about giving them a haircut than it is bathing them. You can visit a professional groomer at your local pet shop if you want. This can be quite expensive over time however, so you will probably want to learn how to do it yourself.

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You should keep clippers that are made for dogs in mind if you plan on grooming them yourself. You can also choose to buy scissors, a razor, a toothbrush, and even nail clippers if you prefer to do your pet’s grooming that way.

You should begin by brining your dog to a comfortable location where you can keep them contained or at least in a place where they won’t run away. Your garage or a fenced in yard would be a good place for this.

Afterwards, you should begin to brush your dog with a metal comb. This will get their hair nice and straight so that you can see what you are doing when giving them a haircut.

When it comes to the actual clipping, you can do this in a variety of different ways. If you want to keep it simple, you can just give your dog a uniform trim all around.

You can also give them a custom trim if you prefer. One way to do this is by giving them a lion trim or a mohawk trim if you prefer. You can also give them specific designs if you feel creative enough such as a star, an X, a Christmas tree, or even the shape of your favorite team. You can also try a Dalmation trim or a Siberian husky trim if you want something really out of the ordinary.

When you are finished you can brush your dog with a metal comb again to make sure that their hair is properly aligned and flat. Afterwards, you can give them a nice pet or belly rub to let them know how good they look.

You might want to take your dog to a professional if: You have an especially energetic breed like a Siberian husky or a Dalmation that will constantly be getting themselves dirty. You have a pet that has extraordinarily thick fur or long fur.

You do not have the time or patience to sit down and groom your dog all the time.


Just because you are a busy person doesn’t mean that you don’t have time to exercise. In fact, some people find that they have to exercise more since they have so little time compared to those who work 9-5 jobs.

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How to Exercise

If you live within walking distance of your place of employment then you are all set. Just walk to work and you have just achieved your exercise for the day.

If not, you still have options available to you.

Some people choose to ride bikes to work. This not only gives them exercise but it also helps ease traffic on the roads a little bit since more people start using their bikes instead.

Some people choose to take part in organized sporting events with their co-workers. This could be anything from a game of soccer in the park to a flag football game in the company yard.

Some people choose to engage in active gaming. These are video games that require you to get up and move around in order to play them.

This can help break up the monotony of just sitting at a desk all day since you will be getting exercise throughout the day.

Remember, it’s important to find time for exercise in your life. This will keep your stress levels down and your health up.


One of the biggest reasons why people do not advance in their jobs is because they are too complacent with their situation. They are happy enough to have a job so they don’t go out of their way to do anything extra to further themselves.

If you want to get promoted then you are going to have to take matters into your own hands.

One way to do this is by challenging your boss in some way. Now this can vary from person to person but the best method is to provide them with solutions that they couldn’t have thought of themselves.

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If you are able to give them ideas that improve productivity or lower expenses then they will certainly take notice of you and your desire to be more than just a drone in the hive.

Ideally, this leading by example will get you noticed by upper management who will then choose you over your boss for a promotion. Your boss won’t like it but he/she won’t be able to do anything about it since you are now more qualified than they are.

Another way to challenge your boss is by getting promoted internally. This means that you will transfer to another department at the company and work your way up from there.

This is ideal for people who have a specific skill that the company needs in another area. For instance, if the company needs people with computer skills to work on the new website, you could get transferred to that department and then work your way up from there. Since you are already recognized as a hard worker by your current boss, this transfer should be easy and manageable. Of course, you still have to prove yourself in your new role but you will already have the respect of your new co-workers since you are a hard worker and were chosen to work with them.

Of course, the third option is to go out and find another job. While some people are content with working at the same company for their entire lives, other people aren’t so lucky.

If you feel that you are not being promoted because your boss is intimidated by you, or if you feel as if you aren’t learning anything new, or if the industry that you are working in is becoming automated to the point where your job will no longer be needed, then you may want to seek employment elsewhere.

Whatever you do, make sure that whatever choice you make, it has a purpose. Don’t challenge your boss just for the sake of challenging him.

Don’t seek a transfer just for the sake of transferring. Choose the route that you take wisely as it may very well determine your future.


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No one ever wants to be in this situation but it’s an unfortunate reality of the world that sometimes people are just not good at their jobs and they need to be let go. Now there are many approaches that one can take when letting someone go but the important thing to keep in mind is to remain professional about the situation.

No need to be an abusive tyrant or a meek pushover. Find a middle ground.

The first step is to talk with your boss and see if you can come to some sort of agreement regarding the employee in question. Maybe they’ve just been having a really bad week, month, year, etc and might turn it around with a little support.

If your boss feels similarly then awesome, try to help the employee in question improve and resolve the issue. If your boss agrees that the employee just isn’t working out then you need to have a discussion with the employee about their future with the company.

Now this is where things can get sticky. The wrong word choice can send the employee in question storming off, or crying, or even yelling.

The last thing you want is for this person to start bad mouthing you to other employees or even worse, on social media. So it’s very important to remain professional and for sake of form, have your boss in the room during this discussion.

First and foremost say this is a difficult conversation for you as well as the employee. It’s not easy for you or them but you have to talk about the future of their job at the company.

Let them know that while you don’t enjoy having to do this, you feel as if they aren’t cut out to be an associate at the company due to their lack of work ethic. Be sure to keep a level head and don’t take anything they say personally. If they get angry, don’t yell back and just end the conversation stating that you’re ending this discussion for now and that they have the rest of the day to think about their job and come back tomorrow if they wish to talk more about it.

From there, leave the room and end discussion until the morning. If the employee comes back with a change in attitude ready to work towards keeping their job, then that’s great.

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If they still have their attitude from the previous day, let them go as you don’t need that type of energy around the store.

That should cover most situations that could come up with your underlings. Just remember to keep your cool and remain professional about everything no matter how much they yell or cry or insult you.

You’re better than that and you have to remember that.

If for whatever reason, you or your boss can’t handle the situation, you can always call the police and have the person escorted out by law. Granted, this is rare but if the police feel as if their is a threat then they can get involved and have them banned from the store.

Most employees don’t want to press charges due to loss of job though so it’s rare.

Now after firing an employee, it’s possible that other employees could decide to quit out of protest. If this is the case, you and your boss will have to make the decision to either temporarily close the store or keep it open.

If you decide to keep it open with less associates, then you’re going to have to work extra hard.

If you decide to close the store, it’s probably going to be for the best as far as renovations go. You need time to do some change arounds and updates to the store.

If you’re going to be closing the store then hopefully you have another one already picked out to replace this one as it’ll save you time in the long run.

Now if you do keep the store open with less associates then you’re going to have your work cut out for you. You and your boss are going to have to cover the duties that the other two did.

This is doable but it’s going to be stressful while you look for new employees. While you probably won’t have time to make the changes and updates you want, but at least you’ll be open longer hours than before.

Now the last thing that you’ll have to deal with after all this is the community. As stated before, most aren’t going to be happy with you no matter what you do and some are just jerks so there’s not much you can do about them, but others may be reasonable and understand the struggles of keeping a store open in this day and age, these are the kind you want to keep around as they may have insight on new potential employees.

These people can potentially help you in the future so don’t alienate them right away.

This might be a trying time so make sure you keep up your energy and spirits.

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You might also feel the need to have another outlet, something to take your mind off of work or just something to do in your down time. This is perfectly normal so you have a couple options.

You can either join an athletic team, this could be anything from football to chess club. Maybe you’d rather start a band and play some gigs at the local bar or even open up for some more well known bands that come through town. It’s pretty much up to you and your interests.

Another outlet that some people choose is to go into the culinary field and become a chef. Now you actually really enjoy cooking so this could be something you might look into in the future.

But for now, it’s not a high priority.

Anyways, it’s time to move on from Lake City and continue your journey to become an interior designer.

As for this place, it was a great first job and while you might miss it in the future you know it’s time to move on.

You just hope the next place you go to has less drama than this place did.

Journey onwards brave Adventurer!

You now have the ability to go to three different locations. You can travel to Old Haven, The Republic of United Cities or stay at Lake City.

Old Haven is a lot quieter than the other two locations and has been known to attract older workers but the trade off is that it has less crime and a lower cost of living.

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The Republic of United Cities is very lively with a lot going on. It has a huge variety of people and holds the bragging rights of having the largest department store in the region but it also has the most crime and arguably the highest cost of living.

Lake City, like Old Haven is quieter than The Republic of United Cities but still has more going on than Old Haven. It also has a lower crime rate and a better cost of living than The Republic of United Cities.

Also if you go to The Republic of United Cities you can take the opportunity to work at the stadium during the next big event. Which could be very profitable for you.

Well it’s all up to you now!


You have died…

“Wait a minute, I just got killed by a bunch of trees!” you might say.

And that would be correct, but it wasn’t your fault. I mean it was, but it really isn’t too much of a surprise that it happened anyway. You see, the way this book works is based on luck, and whether or not you pay attention to what’s going on around you. And as for your death, well let’s just say that YOU didn’t pay attention to the warning signs.

But don’t feel too bad, this happens to a lot of people when they first start reading this book. You see, the book is extremely old, and because of this it doesn’t have a very tight grip on reality most of the time.

In fact it seems to have a mind of it’s own at times. The best way to describe it is that the book is something of a fantasy fan’s worst nightmare…

But I’m going to let you in on a little secret, and that’s the fact that the book seems to be a lot more friendly (and deadly) towards those of a magical persuasion. Fighters, and other non-magical classes seem to be at a disadvantage in this book.

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The reason for this is that the book seems to like magicians, and it sympathizes with them.

For those who are non-magical, the book is very unforgiving.

But let’s get back to your death…

As I said, it wasn’t your fault. Well not really, but you could have prevented it had you been paying attention to what was going on around you. Let me explain.

Your journey began in a small village called Suncroft, which was located in the Kingdom of Tulan. The book begins with you standing in the center of the town, but you’re not alone.

There’s people all around you going about their daily lives, minding their own business and not paying any attention to you at all.

However, if you were to look around, you’d notice that everyone is significantly weaker than you are. No, you haven’t suddenly become stronger through intense training in the art of fantasy fighting, it’s just that everyone else in the village is relatively weak in comparison to you.

They are basically all defenseless against you and you could very well steal everything they have, kill them, and nobody could do much to stop you. In other words, you’re a villain in their eyes and it’s up to you whether or not you want to be one.

Of course you could just leave the village entirely, nobody is stopping you from doing that either. You could easily just hit the road and leave this place behind entirely.

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But let’s say you decided to be an evil jerk instead. Well, there’s a whole bunch of things you could do.

Suncroft is very much like a typical medieval fantasy village, which means that most of the villagers are farmers that tend to their crops. The only real fort for protection is the town militia, which consists entirely of men in their 40’s and 50’s that are equipped with chainmail armor and short swords. You could easily wipe out the entire group if you wanted to.

There are also a few women and children running around as well that you could victimize if you so desired. Perhaps even the mayor’s daughter, but you’d have to be careful there since the mayor of Suncroft is no pushover himself.

He’s a relatively tough man in his late 50’s, and also a retired soldier from the last Tulan war. You’d have to be careful not to anger him or he might just try to haul old one eye out of his retirement home and get him to come back to enforce the law.

Of course if you’re smart, you could probably pull it off and get away with it.

After all, who is going to suspect some stranger from attacking them?

Now let’s say you wanted to be a hero instead. Well, the same options apply to some extent. You could leave this village like you were planning before and go do something else. It’s not really important what you do since we’re going to eventually get to you no matter what, but the choice is up to you on how you want to get there.

Let’s get on with it then shall we?

So you decided to be a hero huh?

Well, let’s see if you’re as good as you think you are…

Suddenly a loud horn blasts and the quiet village of Suncroft becomes a scene of chaos very quickly. A group of twenty orcs raiders come charging through the village causing everyone to run and hide.

Oh, and you’ve been spotted.

A couple of the braver folk try to stand up to the raiders, but most just run for their lives. Unfortunately running won’t help them, as the orcs chase down and readily butcher the villagers with their axes and swords.

You attempt to hide as well, but in the chaos you’re discovered and dragged out into the village center.

You’re slapped, punched and stomped on by the orcs a few times, but eventually their leader stops them. You look over and see an orc almost as big as an ogre, though much more humanoid.

He wears heavy armor even compared to the rest of his clan, with thick plates covering his chest and legs, and smaller ones protecting his arms. His helmet has horns coming out of it, making him look even more intimidating.

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