Best Shampoo for Yorkies – Keeping Your Pup Clean and Fresh

Best Shampoo For Yorkies – Keeping Your Pup Clean And Fresh

The Best Shampoo For Yorkies – Keeping Your Pup Clean And Fresh

What Is Best Shampoo For Yorkies?

A good shampoo for your pups is essential to keep them healthy and happy. A bad hair product can cause health problems such as skin irritation, itching, rashes, allergic reactions and even death.

If you have been using any kind of shampoo or conditioner on your pups, then it is time to change things up. Here are some reasons why:

1) Hair products contain chemicals that may irritate their skin and eyes.

They may also cause allergic reactions such as hives, sneezing, coughing and difficulty breathing. If your pups get these symptoms they will not only become ill but they could die from them too!

2) You can also cause your pups’ skin to break out if you do not wash it properly.

This can lead to infections and other problems like skin cancer.

3) Using shampoo on your dogs causes dry, flaky coat which makes them look dull and unappealing.

Dry coats make them prone to fleas, ticks and ringtails. These pests feed off the dead skin cells which leads to bald patches on their bodies.

How To Find The Best Shampoo For Yorkies

Your pups need a gentle cleanser that will not dry out their skin. You can achieve this by using a special kind of dog shampoo that has been made for small to medium-sized canines.

These shampoos only contain natural ingredients such as oatmeal, aloe vera and Vitamin E which are all good for your dog’s skin and coat.

Does Your Yorkie Need A Conditioner?

Conditioners are great for your dog’s skin and fur but only in small amounts. Too much of the stuff can lead to greasiness which will cause your dog’s skin to break out. These products should be avoided at all costs:

Best Shampoo for Yorkies – Keeping Your Pup Clean and Fresh - Dog Puppy Site

1) Human conditioners: These contain a special ingredient called silicones.

This keeps moisture within the hair and stops the cuticles from lying flat. This ingredient is great for people because it stops our hair from getting dry and helps it to shine.

Unfortunately for dogs, this ingredient causes their skin to become very oily. This can lead to a lot of itching and shedding due to the constant oil buildup underneath the top layer of fur.

2) Veterinarian approved conditioners: These are available from your local pet store.

These contain special ingredients that are supposed to strengthen your dog’s hair and reduce shedding. While they may do this, they can still cause skin irritation and allergic reactions.

These conditioners have not been tested on dogs so you never know how your dog will react to them.

3) Natural conditioners: These are excellent alternatives to the typical conditioners that you find at the store.

They also smell nice and come in different varieties such as apple, banana, coconut, etc. These are made with natural ingredients such as aloe vera, honey and milk.

These smell good enough to eat (maybe not the coconut one though) but they are good for your dog’s fur and skin.

What Is The Best Brand Of Shampoo And Conditioner?

Earthbath makes a great range of all natural pet shampoos and conditioners that are sold at most pet stores. These come in a variety of scents including oatmeal, aloe vera, coconut, honey and baby powder. They also make shampoos and conditioners for both dogs and cats so don’t worry if you purchase the wrong one by accident.

Some dogs suffer from common problems that can be easily fixed with the right treatment. One of these problems is called fleas and can be quite unpleasant for both you and your dog.

Fleas are small insects that bite your dog and drink their blood. This causes your dog to become itchy which leads to them scratching excessively.

These fleas can be found anywhere in the world and come in all sizes. They can jump really high so a simple brush isn’t enough to get rid of them.

The eggs can lie dormant for years before hatching so one bite from a flea can quickly become an infestation if you don’t take precaution.

How Do You Know If Your Dog Has Fleas?

The most common sign of a flea infestation is your dog scratching a lot. You might notice patches of missing fur or even open sores from excessive itching. You might also see small black dots crawling on your dog’s skin or in their fur. These are the fleas that you can see. There could be many more in your dog’s fur that you can’t see.

If you think that your dog has a flea infestation then you need to treat it right away otherwise it will get worse. You don’t want your dog to be uncomfortable and you certainly don’t want an infestation in your home.

What Are The Different Types Of Flea Treatments?

There are several different types of flea treatments that you can get from your local pet store or online. These range from topical creams to sprays and even shampoo’s and conditioners. You apply these directly to your dog’s skin or coat and they work from there. It’s important to read the instructions and warnings on the packaging before using any of these flea treatments. Don’t apply excessive amounts of any one product unless you speak to a vet or expert first.

Best Shampoo for Yorkies – Keeping Your Pup Clean and Fresh - at DogPuppySite

Flea combs are also available for removing fleas from your dog’s fur and skin. You can find special combs that are designed for this exact purpose or you can use a normal one and spend a long time carefully combing through your dog’s fur.

It may take awhile but it’s definitely worth the effort to get rid of the fleas.

You can also get sprays and drops that you add to your dog’s water bowl. These work slowly over a 24 hour period and kill any fleas that jump into the water.

It’s a good idea to use one of these in conjunction with another product to make sure that you get rid of all the fleas.

What Is The Best Flea Treatment?

Frontline Plus is easily the best flea treatment on the market right now. It works quickly to kill 98 – 100% of the fleas on your dog within 12 hours. It also prevents your dog from getting fleas in the first place and is even effective against the pesticide resistant Catahoula Leopard Tick. It’s safe to use on puppies from 8 weeks old and only requires a single daily dose. You can find it online or at most pet stores.

How Do I Get Rid Of Fleas In My Home?

It’s important to treat your home as well as your dog when dealing with fleas. Fleas can jump onto you or your other pets so it’s important to eliminate them from your entire household.

Begin by vacuuming all rugs and carpets. If you have hardwood floors then wipe them down with a cloth and some diluted white vinegar.

You need to get rid of as many of the fleas as you can because the next step involves poisoning them. Go back to your vacuum and empty the contents into a plastic bag. Then take the bag outside and immediately throw it away so that the fleas don’t escape back into the house.

Mix together 2 cups of warm water, 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid and 2 tablespoons of cheap aftershave. Fill a spray bottle with this mixture and spritz it onto your carpets, rugs, curtains, sofas and anywhere else that fleas like to hide.

Reapply every 2 weeks until all the fleas are gone.

The last step is to spray your dog with an AfterBite moisturizing spray. This will stop your dog from itching and also act as a temporary sunscreen.

Get it here on Amazon.

How Do I Prevent Fleas From Attaching Themselves To My Dog In The Future?

To prevent fleas from attaching themselves to your dog in the future you need to make a few lifestyle changes and also apply some treatments on a regular basis.

Best Shampoo for Yorkies – Keeping Your Pup Clean and Fresh - Dog Puppy Site

The first thing that you can do is give your dog a warm bath once a week. Use a gentle dog shampoo and comb through their fur afterwards.

Let them dry off naturally and don’t use a hairdryer as this could burn their skin.

Comb your dog with a flea comb every week to remove any fleas that are in their fur. You can also apply some treatments to their fur to kill any fleas that decide to latch on for a ride.

Remember that some of these products can cause rashes or other skin problems so be sure to test them out on a small area of your dog’s skin first.

If you prefer, you can also buy some tick and flea collars from your local pet store. These work by releasing a small amount of pesticide onto your dog’s skin and hair periodically.

They won’t kill all of the fleas but they will certainly cut down the number of fleas that live on your dog.

If at any point you see fleas on your dog then repeat the cleaning process above. Don’t worry these steps take a little time but they are easy to maintain and will help to prevent your dog from having a serious flea infestation in the future.

In Conclusion…

Your Catahoula Leopard is an enthusiastic hunter by nature and as such he will always have a weakness for chasing small animals with a lot of energy. While you can’t stop him from doing this entirely, there are steps that you can take to keep him as safe as possible.

Begin by using a top quality flea and tick treatment on a regular basis. This will kill any fleas and ticks that try to latch onto your dog before they get the chance to bite him.

Keep him away from places that he knows or likes to chase small animals. And finally, keep a close eye on your dog when he’s outside so that you can pull him back if he looks like he’s ready to pounce.

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