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How To Play With A Miniature Blue Heeled Cowdog?

Miniature blue heelers are very active dogs. They love to run around and play with other dogs or even humans. But they need some exercise too! If you want to get your hands on one of these miniature blue heels, then you will have to take care of them first. Here are some tips which might come handy if you’re looking for a new pet.

What Is A Miniature Blue Heeler?

A miniature blue heeler is a small breed of dog which stands at less than two feet tall and weighs between 10 – 15 pounds. These dogs are very energetic and enjoy running around with their human companions. They make great family pets because they are docile and easy to train. However, they tend to be shy and prefer a quiet home environment.

The most common coloration of these dogs is black, brown or tan. Their eyes can vary from red, orange or yellow depending upon the breed. Some miniature blue heels may have white markings on their legs or chest while others don’t show any markings whatsoever.

What Do Miniature Blue Heelers Eat?

Like all dogs, miniature blue heels require a high quality diet in order to remain healthy. It is important that you feed your pet some sort of meat or fish based food. If you can find a kibble which contains some greens and other nutrients then you should choose that brand. These little guys require a lot more exercise than most other dog breeds so they will eat more food than the average canine.

What Is The Average Cost Of A Miniature Blue Heeler?

The cost of a miniature blue heeler will vary depending upon a few different factors. If you buy your dog from a breeder, then you should expect to pay several hundred dollars. These dogs are rare and in high demand, so breeders charge a pretty penny for them. If you want to buy a blue heeler puppy from a shelter or rescue center, then you can expect to pay much less. These dogs are mixed breeds and their lineage is difficult to trace so they cannot be sold for a large sum.

How Much Exercise Does A Miniature Blue Heeler Need?

These dogs require a lot of physical and mental stimulation on a daily basis. Without it, they can become bored and destructive. Miniature blue heels love to run around and play outside for hours at a time. If you do not have the time to take your pet outside, then you should definitely consider a different dog. These dogs are not suited for apartment living and should live outdoors or in a house with a large yard.

Do Miniature Blue Heelers Get Along With Children And Other Dogs?

These dogs are fairly docile and get along with most people. They are especially friendly with children and enjoy spending time with them. They enjoy human companionship and want to please you at all times. With that being said, they may not get along with every child so you should supervise any interaction between your dog and small kids.

As far as other dogs are concerned, these canines get along with most canines of the same gender. They may exhibit dominance over weaker submissive dogs but this behavior can be corrected with some training.

Miniature Blue Heeler Accessories

These dogs do not require much in the way of accessories. You can buy them a few toys so they have something to play with whenever you are not at home. Other than that, just provide them with their food, water and give them plenty of exercise. When you go on walks or take your pet outside to play, make sure to have a leash on them at all times. These dogs generally don’t run off but it’s always safer to be careful.

Miniature Blue Heeler Grooming

These dogs have short coats which only require an occasional brushing. Make sure to remove dead skin cells or other debris from their coat whenever you notice it build up. Their ears and eyes should also be cleaned regularly so they stay healthy.

Like most dogs, the miniature blue heeler sheds quite a bit so you will find hair all over your clothing and furniture. Make sure to clean up after your dog so you do not leave a mess. If shedding is a nuisance for you, you may want to consider a different dog.

Miniature Blue Heeler Special Care

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These dogs have short lifespans and do not live as long as other dogs so you will need to be prepared for the loss of your pet. These dogs typically live from 10-15 years and some may have even shorter lifespans.

These dogs are energetic and demand a lot of exercise and attention. Without it, they may exhibit a lot of behaviors you don’t like. It is up to you to make sure your pet gets the attention it needs so it does not get bored and acts out.

Does The Miniature Blue Heeler Make A Good Pet?

The miniature blue heeler makes a good pet for someone who is active and does not mind the constant shedding that these dogs produce. Without enough attention and exercise, these dogs may begin to exhibit destructive behavior. With enough love and care, these dogs can be great pets.

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