Best Whippet Coats for Keeping Him Warm in Cool Weather

Best Whippet Coats for Keeping Him Warm in Cold Weather

The best way to keep your dog warm is with a good quality, well made, durable dog coat. There are many types of coats available but there are two main categories: winter coats and summer coats.

Winter coats have fewer pockets and come in several different designs; they’re generally warmer than their summer counterparts. Summer coats have more pockets and come in a variety of patterns; they’re generally cooler than their winter counterparts.

You’ll want to choose one that’s big enough for him to comfortably fit through, but not so large that it restricts movement or prevents him from moving around. You may need to buy additional ones if he gets too hot!

Also make sure the material isn’t flammable (fire retardant materials would be a good idea). If you don’t feel comfortable making such a choice, then go with a summer coat.

Winter Coat Patterns

There are several different styles of winter coats out there. Some of them include:

Hooded Coat – These are usually lined with fleece and feature hoods or other features designed to keep the wearer warm. They’re typically the most expensive type of coat to purchase because they tend to be very heavy duty and will last longer than regular coats due to their construction.

Track Suit Coat – Some people call these “doggie sweat suits”. They’re usually one solid piece of material (with the belly portion normally zipped up) made of very heavy duty materials that are easy to slip on and off and make it easier for dogs to wear.

These are also a little bit more expensive than other types of coats.

One Piece Snowsuit – These are thick, padded, and insulated one piece suits made of water resistant or water proof material. They’re not normally shaped in the way a dog’s body is so they can be a bit harder for them to move around in.

Two-Piece Snowsuit – As the name implies, these are two pieces (a top and bottom) that are designed to be worn together. They’re less expensive than some other types of coats and good for dogs that are prone to ripping out their fur or getting sick because they can be inexpensive to replace.

Summer Coat Patterns

There are many different styles of summer coats as well, including:

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Hooded Jacket – These look similar to human summer jackets except they’re often shorter so they don’t drag the ground. They’re made of a light material that reflects sun instead of absorbing it.

They’re perfect for keeping your dog cool on hot summer days.

Short Jacket – These are similar to hooded jackets except they’re shorter so they don’t drag the ground. They’re also made of a light material that reflects sun instead of absorbing it.

Vest – These look similar to human vests and are sometimes called “balcovers”. They’re cooler than other coats but don’t provide as much warmth.

No Coat – This is obviously the least expensive option but it’s only recommended if you live in a mild climate or if you’re just looking for something to protect your dog from the elements during a quick walk.

Special Coat Patterns

There are also a few other options of coats that are designed for special circumstances. These often have specific purposes and aren’t as common but they do exist.

They include water proof coats, reflective coats, and multi-use coats.

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