Bichon Frise Names – 250 Perfectly Fitting Ideas For A Bichon Frise Pup

Bichon Frise Name – 250 Perfectly Fitting Ideas For A Bichon Frise Puppy Name

In this post you will learn about 250 perfectly fitting name ideas for a bichon frise puppy. You can use these names to make your own list of names or to choose from among them. These are all suggestions only; they do not constitute endorsements by us, nor do they imply any affiliation with any breeder or pet shop mentioned in the post.

These names are sorted into two categories: popular and unusual. Popular names include those which have been used before (e.g., Dolly, Daisy) and those which are new (e.g., Lola).

Unusual names include those which sound like common English words (e.g., Tinky Winky) or sounds similar to other animal species (e.g., Puffin).

The first category includes names such as Dolly, Daisy, Ella, Eliza, Eva, Flossie, Frankie, Graceful Girlie Girlie Girlie Girlie Boyie Boyie Bitchy Bitchy Cute Cutest Cuddliest Cupidish Charming Creepiest Creepiest Curious Crude Dirty Debonair Disco Cool Disco Cool Dudely Dapper Doppy Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dull Edible Elegant Energetic Enormous Eyebrow Fizzy Flamey Funny Gaggy Gaily Gloomy Godly Goofy Goofy Goofy Gruff Hairspray Happy Happy Hapless Headphones Hello Hickey Hot Hot Hot Ice Ice Ice Ice Icy Innocent Irish Jakey Just Just Kooky Lanky Large Large Lavender Let’s Let’s Lordly Lucky Lucky Lucy Mellow Melodic Melodic Melodic Melodic Merrily Messed Up Messed Up Messed Up Missy Moon Moon Moony Nearly Nearly Nearly Nice Nice Nippy Nippy Normal Oddly Olden Olden Olive One One One Only Only Oops Pajamas Pally Party Party Peaceful Pickle Pink Pink Pink Pink Piped Piper Pram Pretty Prisoner Psychedelic Quite Quirky Radical Raggedy Rambunctious Rare Real Royal Royal Sad Sad Same Scary Sharp Shiny Short Shredded Shredded Simple Single Sissy Skinny Skinny Slender Slick Slow Small Small Snappy Snooty Soap Sober Soft Soft Sombre Sombre Splendid Sporty Spunky Stable Stable Stable Starched Steady Steady Stay Stay Still Still String Stripes Stupid Super Super Surprised Sweet Sweet Talkative Tearful Terrific Thirsty Thoughtful Tiny Tired Tramp Transparent Trippy Truant Turnip Twinkle Two Two Uncomfortable Unique Very Vlad Vomit Winky Wimpy Winning Witchy Wobbly Yucky Yellow You Young Zesty Zippy

The second category includes names such as A, Able, Addar, Adventure, America, Andy, Arnie, Benji, Binky, Bony, Booger, Brighty, Buckets, Buttons, Cheese, Chief, Chippa, Cinnamon, Clancey, Demonia Grey Demonia Gray Demonia Black Demonia Brown Demonia Blonde Demonia Blue Demonia Red Demonia Green Demonia Purple Demonia Pink Demonia Yellow Demonia Orange Demonia White Demonia Fancy Demonia Doe, Dolly, Dopey, Drama, Duty, Earl, Eats Everything, Ebony, Elvira, Ernest, Evil, Fiddlesticks, Fido, Fifi, Fruity, Fusey, Giggles Giggles Galore Giggles Galore Giggles Galore Girlie Girlie Girlie Boyie Boyie Boyie Bitchy Bitchy Cute Cutest Cuddliest Cupidish Charming Creepy.

modern: You start to think of names and then realize you need to come up with a background story for your dog, as the shelter will want to know this. After thinking for hours you suddenly get inspirations.

You decide to name your dog after a brand of whiskey, because why not?

The next day, after thinking of a backstory in which your uncle died and left your dog to you in his will, you take your dog to the animal shelter. The process goes quickly and efficiently, and soon you are heading home with your new dog.

Over the course of the next few weeks, you train your dog and name her Whiskey. She is a feisty thing and you have your hands full, but you love her. She loves you too.

A year passes and you find that you and Whiskey are content with each other’s company. You love her as your pet and she loves you as her owner. Life is good.

Ten years later, while out for a walk in the park, you encounter a woman with a large black dog that looks awfully familiar…

Hey, isn’t that the dog that used to live down the street from me?”

you say.

“Yeah, that’s Sam. He’s my dog now.” The woman replies.

Bichon Frise Names – 250 Perfectly Fitting Ideas For A Bichon Frise Pup - Picture

Your dog? Where did you get him?”

you ask.

“His owner surrendered him to the shelter and they placed him in a new home.”



you sputter. “That’s impossible. He was never owned by anyone else except me.”

“No, he was owned by someone else for a little while, but the owner gave him up. They said he was to much effort or something.” The woman says, shrugging her shoulders.

You are at a loss for words.

How could this be happening?

You’ve had Sam since he was a puppy! You’ve spent years taking care of him!

How could anyone just give him away?

Where did you get that dog?”

you demand, seething with anger.

The woman tells you she got the dog from the animal shelter.

With rage in your heart, you storm off to the animal shelter straight away. When you arrive, you demand to see the owner or manager and explain the situation.

The workers seem skeptical at first, but when they see the rage in your eyes subside to heartbreak, they decide to give you Sam back. They claim it’s rare, but it does happen from time to time.

The woman who owned Sam before you was an older lady who thought she could not devote the time and energy needed to take care of a dog. She says she is very sorry, and asks if you would like to adopt Sam.

With a new found sense of joy and happiness, you agree. You take Sam home in the backseat of your car and sit with him on your lap during the whole ride. When you get home, you have to pry him off so you can walk into your house.

You have a new dog now, one that you will never have to give up.

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