Black And White Australian Shepherd – Is This Dog Right For You

Black And White Australian Shepherd Puppy Color Change

There are two types of black and white australian shepherds: one with light colored coat and another type with dark colored coats. There are some breeds which have only one type of breed, but there are other breeds like the black and tans which have both types of dogs. Some people think that these two kinds of dogs look very different from each other, so they cannot live together peacefully. However, there are many people who love both kinds of dogs.

The reason why some people hate black and whites is because it looks very similar to dalmatians. The same thing happens when some people hate greyhounds or mastiffs. These two types of dogs look very similar to each other too, so they cannot live together peacefully either. But there are still others who don’t mind them living together peacefully if their behavior is good enough.

Black and whites are not aggressive. They do not bark, growl or make any noise at all. Their behavior is always friendly and docile. When they see someone coming towards them, they will run up to greet them. If someone comes towards them slowly, then they will stop running up to greet him/her and just stand there waiting for further instructions from the person who came towards them slowly.

They are very friendly and docile dogs. They are not aloof or stand-offish with people at all, in fact they will run up to greet them. They will also become very hyper when they see new people, jumping around all over the place. Because of their jumping and other excited antics, some people mistake them for being aggressive. This is not true.

If they are properly trained in their puppy stages, they will not jump up on people and will learn to control their enthusiasm a little bit.

However, if you want your dog to greet everyone without jumping up on people and hindering the meeting, you should train them when they are still puppies. It is never too late to train them either, even if they are older. If you still want them to greet people when they see them, then you can teach them how to do it without jumping up. You can train them yourself or ask a professional pet trainer to train them for you.

Black and whites have strong teeth which look like those of wild animals. Owners need to brush their teeth on a regular basis if they want to keep their pets healthy in the long run. If left unattended, tartar build up will eventually lead to a lot of tooth problems and other mouth related illnesses.

Black and whites shed a lot too, so if you are not planning on grooming them on a regular basis then you should keep in mind that their hairs will be found all over your house. Also, if you are planning to travel a lot by car, you should keep in mind that their hairs will be found all over your car as well.

These dogs also have very distinctive odor which is a little bit sour smelling. Some people find this smell offensive, but there are also others who do not have any problem with it at all. If you are in the latter group of people, then you should have no problem with this breed. If you happen to be in the former group of people, then you should definitely not get one of these pets. The smell will drive you nuts.

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Black and whites are friendly with everyone, especially if they are raised around them. However, they can also be territorial and protective when necessary. They make excellent watchdogs. They will bark at anything they do not recognize and will usually chase after anything that runs.

These dogs are truly wonderful pets if you want a loyal companion that is also very easy to train. These dogs are very eager to please their owners and they want nothing more than to be loved. They have a very happy and playful disposition, but they can be serious and alert when the situation calls for it.

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