Black Mouth Cur Lab Mix

Black Mouth Cur Labrador Mix Temperament:

The Black Mouth Cur Labrador Mix is one of the most popular Labradors in the world. They are very intelligent and loyal dogs. Their intelligence makes them good with children, but they do not like other animals or people too much. Therefore they are usually kept alone or only with their owners at home. They have a great sense of smell and can detect even the slightest odor from miles away.

They are known to be excellent watchdogs and guard dogs.

They are generally friendly toward humans, but they tend to bark when startled or if someone tries to get close to them. If left unsupervised, they will run off into the woods or mountains where they live. They love attention so it’s best if you keep them inside at all times!

They are considered “black” because they have a thick layer of blackish-brown hair covering their bodies. They also have dark spots around their eyes, nose and mouth. They may appear somewhat dirty looking, but that’s just how they look!

Their coats come in many colors including chocolate brown, silver gray, red and black. Some Labradors are naturally lighter in color than others. Most Labradors shed once every two years or less. When they shed, you’ll find a lot of hair in your home. It’s best to clean it up before it starts to pile up.

Black Mouth Cur Labrador Mix Upkeep & Grooming:

The Black Mouth Cur Labrador is easy to care for. They love playing outside so a large yard would be best for them. You can bathe them whenever their smell becomes too strong. If you do not have the time or patience to give them a bath, you can simply use a dry shampoo. The coat tends to become oily when not washed too often.

Black Mouth Cur Labrador Mix Health Issues:

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The Black Mouth Cur is known to suffer from a few health issues. They can suffer from skin and ear infections if they are not cleaned regularly. They also may have joint problems later in life. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell if your Black Mouth Cur will suffer from these issues until it’s too late. You can take them to the vet whenever you notice any signs of pain or discomfort.

Black Mouth Cur Labrador Mix Breeders:

The Black Mouth Cur or also known as the American Pit Bull Terrier is a breed that can either be loving and affectionate or aggressive and hostile. It all depends on how they were raised. If they were treated poorly, then they probably will not get along with other animals and people. However, if they were treated with care and love, then they will grow up to be your best friend.

Pit bulls in general have a bad reputation. Most people think they are aggressive, but that’s not necessarily true. Of course, there are some Pit Bulls out there that are aggressive, just like any other breed of dog. It all depends on how they are raised. You can find Pit Bull puppies for sale in online classifieds or in your local newspaper.

If you buy a Pit Bull from a breeder, ask as many questions as you can before deciding to buy. It’s best to know as much about the dog’s personality before you buy.

Adopting a Black Mouth Cur is a great way to help reduce the amount of Pit Bulls in shelters. You can also try to adopt one from your local shelter or rescuer. Make sure you have all the information about the dog before bringing it into your home.

Black Mouth Cur Labrador Mix Price:

The price of a Black Mouth Cur puppy varies depending on the breeder and the pup’s bloodline. Prices can range from $200-$700.

Black Mouth Cur Labrador Mix Rescues:

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If you are looking to adopt a dog, the following rescues may be able to help:

USA: Austin Dog Rescue, Paws & Go, Inc., Luvable Dog Rescue

Black Mouth Cur Labrador Mix Pictures:

Black Mouth Cur Labrador Mix Videos:

For more videos of Black Mouth Curs and other breeds, follow this link.

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