Black Pomeranian – The Dark-Furred Fluff Ball Pup

Black & White Pomeranian Breeding

The Black & White Pomeranian breed originated from the German Shepherd Dog. The first black and white pom was born in Germany in 1884.

Since then, there have been many variations of the breed. Most of them were produced in Germany during World War II. Some of these dogs were used as guard dogs or sent to concentration camps where they served their purpose well. Others were sold to American soldiers stationed overseas. They served their purpose too but some of them died due to the harsh conditions. These dogs became known as “The Greyhound Dogs” because of their grey coat coloration. There are other breeds of pomeranians which are not black and white. These include the Persian, Portuguese Water Dog, and the Shiba Inu. However, none of these breeds have gained popularity like the Black & White Pomeranian.

Puppy Names:

There are two types of names given to puppies when they’re born. One type is called a birth name and it’s given at time of birth while another kind is called a puppy name.

A birth name is decided by the breeder where a puppy name can be chosen by the owner. In most cases, the birth name is kept while the owner chooses a new name for it. The name should match the gender and breed of the dog. A dog should have a name that’s easy to remember, pronounce and is non-offensive.

Breeders usually give names that have something to do with their family ancestry. For example, a female pomeranian called “Perl” was born to a breeder who had a thing for the movie “The Wizard of Oz.” Sometimes breeders use the names of famous artists, writers, or celebrities.

These types of names are usually prefixes or suffixes such as “Lady”, “bell”, “De”, or ” Von” that are used before or after the name.

Black Pomeranian

The term “Black Pomeranian”

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