Blue Chihuahua: What His Coat Color Is Really Saying

What Does A Female Blue Chihuahua Look Like?

A female blue chihuahua looks similar to a miniature poodle with her coat being a lighter shade of blue than her body. Her eyes are also smaller than those of other breeds, but they are still rounder than most dogs’ eyes. She has a short muzzle and small ears. Her nose is not as big as some others’. Her tail is also shorter than that of other breeds.

Her coat may vary from a light to medium brownish color, although it is usually lighter than that of a standard poodle’s coat. The underside of her legs are white or pale pink. She has a slightly pointed face with large black eyes and dark lips. Her chin is very slender and she has small teeth which are set deep into her mouth. Her nose is long and narrow.

Blue chihuahua females have a much longer neck than their male counterparts. They also tend to have a bit more body fat than males do. Females are generally larger than males, but this varies greatly among different breeds of blue chihuahua. Some blue chihuahua females weigh up to 20 pounds while others only weigh around 10 pounds when fully grown.

There are a few different types of blue chihuahua females. These are the long hair, the smooth hair, and the hybrids. In terms of personality, they are much the same as males. Chihuahuas are known for their affectionate personalities. While males are more likely to be aggressive than females, both genders have this trait to some degree.

It is very rare to find one that is overly aggressive.

What Is The Cost Of A Blue Chihuahua?

As with any other animal, the cost of a blue chihuahua is going to vary based on whether you buy from a breeder or get one from an animal shelter. Buying from a breeder is going to be more expensive than getting one from a shelter. The price can range anywhere from $200 – $800 for a chihuahua. There are some breeders who will charge more than this, but these are the exceptions rather than the rule.

The cost of a chihuahua from a breeder will depend on whether you want to buy an adult or a puppy, what gender you want, and the bloodline of the dog. In general, blue chihuahua puppies are cheaper than adult dogs. If you buy an adult dog, you might have to pay as much as $800-$1500 for one.

Getting a dog from a shelter will be much cheaper than getting one from a breeder. The problem with getting one from a shelter is that you have to take animals as they are, regardless of what flaws they have or how old they are. These days many shelters have started charging an adoption fee for pets they place. This fee can range anywhere from $20-$200.

What Are The Advantages Of Owning A Blue Chihuahua?

The advantages of owning a chihuahua are as follows:

They need very little exercise.

They bark very little or not at all. This makes them good apartment dogs.

Blue Chihuahua: What His Coat Color Is Really Saying - Dog Puppy Site

They can live in apartments, as they do not require a yard.

They are good with children and other household pets, as long as they are socialized when they are young.

They can live up to 15 years.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Owning A Blue Chihuahua?

The disadvantages of owning a chihuahua are as follows:

They are vulnerable to a large number of health problems, which can be expensive to treat.

Because of their size, most chihuahuas are intimidated by larger dogs. This can cause them to become very timid.

They require a lot of grooming.

They are prone to obesity, so they need to be monitored when it comes to their eating habits.

Chihuahuas can be difficult to housebreak.

They are often too shy to interact with strangers or new people.

They don’t do well in hot weather. They should not be left outside for long periods of time in the summer or left in a car.

Chihuahuas are noisy animals, which is something to consider if you live in an apartment (although most barking can be curtailed through training).

How Much Exercise Does A Chihuahua Need?

Blue chihuahua are fairly inactive dogs and because of their size they do not require a lot of exercise. They can live happily in an apartment if they are taken on a daily walk. You can give them a run in the yard or take them to a quiet park where you know people won’t bother you. When you get back home, they will probably be content to just sit by your feet for the rest of the day.

What Is The Best Way To Train A Chihuahua?

One of the best things you can do as a chihuahua owner is to begin obedience training as soon as possible. You can enroll your chihuahua in a class or get some beginner’s books from the library on the subject. Training a chihuahua should be done in a firm but loving manner. Chihuahuas have sensitive feelings and you don’t want to hurt their ego, but they also need to know who is in charge.

It is much easier to train a chihuahua at a young age, but it is never too late. You can also enroll your chihuahua in trick training classes where they can learn some really fun routines.

Blue Chihuahua: What His Coat Color Is Really Saying -

The best way to train your chihuahua is with patience, repetition and affection. Treats are also a great way to get your chihuahua to listen to you, so don’t be afraid to bribe them a little bit.

How Much Space Do Chihuahuas Need?

While chihuahuas are okay in apartments, they do not do well if they are left alone in one for long periods of time. They need human interaction and they need to be kept active. Even if you work all day, enroll your chihuahua in a doggie daycare or ask a neighbor to come over and spend time with your dog in the afternoon or evening. Chihuahuas also like to have a safe place they can go if they are feeling scared, such as beneath a bed or a piece of furniture.

What Are The Chihuahua’s Eating Habits?

Blue chihuahuas eat a cup of dry dog food daily, or you can feed them two cups of dry dog food weekly. You can supplement this diet with fresh fruit and vegetables, such as carrots, apples, broccoli and celery. Do not give them people food, as this can lead to dietary issues and obesity. Fresh water should always be available.

Chihuahuas do not shed very much, but they will occasionally shed more than usual, such as when they are going through a growth spurt. During this time you might want to brush them a little more or clean your house a little more often.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if my chihuahua is happy, scared or angry?

Chihuahuas have different ways of showing how they are feeling. If their ears are standing straight up, this means that they are feeling apprehensive or scared. If their ears are back, this means that they are afraid and feeling threatened. If their ears are in a half-erect position, then they are feeling aggressive. Finally, if their ears are floppy, then they are contented and happy.

Are chihuahuas hypoallergenic?

While chihuahuas do not shed very much, they do shed. People who are highly allergic to dogs may still have problems with chihuahuas, although the amount of hair that they shed should be much less. You can also keep your chihuahua trimmed to minimize the amount of hair that ends up on the floor.

Are chihuahuas smart?

Yes, chihuahuas are very smart. In fact, they rank among the top in dog intelligence. They learn commands and tricks quickly, and they love to learn. Chihuahuas are capable of learning routines that you teach them, so it is very easy to train them. They also learn from others dogs and other animals, so if you have a trained dog or cat in your home, your chihuahua will learn the ropes very quickly. They do have a tendency to get bored, so you will need to keep them entertained with new commands and activities.

Are chihuahuas good for first time dog owners?

Chihuahuas are great dogs for first time owners. They do not need a lot of exercise, although they should still get at least 15 minutes of outdoor playtime every day. These dogs are not hyper, so they don’t require a large amount of exercise. Chihuahuas also love to be around their owners, so they are rarely destructive when left alone. As long as you are committed to spending time with your chihuahua and training them regularly, then a chihuahua is great for any owner.

Do chihuahuas like other dogs?

Most chihuahuas do not show a lot of interest in playing with other dogs. They would prefer to spend their time with you. There are some chihuahuas that love to play with other dogs, and if you want your chihuahua to have canine friends then you need to socialize him or her early on. Take them to a dog park and let them play with other dogs. This will help them learn how to behave around other animals, as well as letting them have some fun.

Do chihuahuas get on well with cats?

Some chihuahuas have been known to chase after cats. Even if they don’t chase them, some chihuahuas have been known to bark at the cat all day long. Other chihuahuas coexist just fine with cats. It all comes down to personality. If you are thinking about getting a chihuahua and a cat, then you need to observe them together first to see how they react to one another. Keep in mind that some chihuahuas have been known to chase after birds and other small animals. If you want a dog that enjoys the company of cats, you should look into getting a different breed.

Do chihuahuas like water?

Most chihuahuas do not like water. You certainly cannot bath them or wash them in a tub, as they will definitely not enjoy that. Some chihuahuas do not even like to go outside in the rain, and prefer to stay in rather than go out in the rain. Other chihuahuas have no problem with water. You can tell whether or not your chihuahua likes water by pouring a small amount on their backs during bath time, for example.

Are chihuahuas easy to house train?

Most chihuahuas are easy to house train. However, some can take a bit longer. The best way to train your chihuahua is to take them outside every two hours. They will quickly learn that they will only go to the bathroom outside. If you find that they are having accidents in the house, then you are either not taking them out often enough or you are taking them out too much. You want to find a happy medium. The other thing you can do is to ensure that their bladder is completely empty before going out. It is best to take them out just before bedtime, so that way they will be able to sleep through the night and have a full 8 hours without having to go outside.

Do all chihuahuas like clothing?

Most chihuahuas do not like clothing. In fact, most chihuahuas will vigorously shake their body in an attempt to get rid of any clothing you put on them. However, some chihuahuas have been known to tolerate clothing. You can test this out by trying to put a small sweater on your chihuahua. If he or she tolerates it well then you should be able to put on a coat or even boots without too much of a fuss.

Do chihuahuas like car rides?

Some chihuahuas do not like car rides, while others love them. This is dependent on their personality. If you have a chihuahua that does not like car rides, then there is not much you can do to convince them otherwise as they will always dislike them. However, if you have a chihuahua that does like car rides, then you need to ensure that they do not develop fear of them. The best way to do this is to always make car rides fun. Play music on the radio, give them treats, and talk to them in a happy tone during the car ride to keep them excited and interested in car rides.

Do chihuahuas like children?

Most chihuahuas do not like children. However, there are some that do. The best way to tell is to introduce them to your children. If the dog shows signs of aggressiveness or fear then it likely isn’t a good match. However, if the dog seems okay with the children, then it is likely that they will get along just fine. Just remember that children and dogs have a tendency to get excited, especially around one another. They need to always be watched when they are together, just to ensure that no one gets hurt.

Do chihuahuas get lonely?

All dogs can suffer from loneliness, and chihuahuas are no exception. If you work all day then you will need to get someone to come in and take care of your dog, or possibly get two chihuahuas, as they do not like being left alone. There are some chihuahua owners that find employment that allows them to work from home. This allows the chihuahua to be able to go with them to work every day. This is usually in the form of a home-based job or possibly working online.

Do chihuahuas like baths?

Most chihuahuas do not like baths as they have a thick coat of fur that protects them from wetness and cold. However, there are some that do not mind the occasional bath. These chihuahuas are probably the ones that have very thin coats of fur, and as such they enjoy the warmth of the bath. You will need to test this out with your dog to see if they enjoy baths or not.

Do chihuahuas get along with other dogs?

Most chihuahuas are naturally antisocial and as such do not enjoy the company of other dogs. However, some chihuahuas are very social and as such they may enjoy the company of other canines. You will need to test this out with your dog to see how they act around other dogs. If your dog shows signs of aggression or fear then it likely isn’t a good match, but if your dog seems relaxed and happy then they should be just fine with another canine companion.

Do chihuahuas like toys?

Most chihuahuas do not like toys, as they tend to like real life objects more than those that are fake. However, some chihuahuas do enjoy toys, and as such you should buy your chihuahua a few to see if they like them or not. You can also take an old sock and fill it will treats; this can keep your chihuahua occupied and away from your shoes.

Do chihuahuas need grooming?

All dogs need grooming, and chihuahuas are no exception. Their coats can tangle very easily, especially due to their long hair. If you do not groom your dog, then their coat will become matted and they will be unable to enjoy their skin or bodily fluids. You should regularly brush your chihuahua’s coat to ensure that this does not happen.

Do chihuahuas have a strong smell?

Most chihuahuas do have a very strong smell, due to their oils and coat. Some chihuahuas do not have a strong smell, but regardless all chihuahuas should be given a bath every once in awhile. This will ensure that they remain clean and healthy.

Do chihuahuas like walks?

Most chihuahuas do like walks, but they tend to not want to walk very far. Chihuahuas are more comfortable with short bursts of movement interspersed with periods of rest. If you want to go on long walks then you are better off with a different type of dog.

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