Blue Heeler German Shepherd Mix – An Intelligent Loyal Companion

The name “Blue Heeler” refers to the color of their coat. They are one of the most popular breeds of dogs in Germany and other countries where they originated. There are many different types of blue heelers with varying temperaments and personalities. Some have been bred for show jumping competitions while others were originally intended for working purposes such as herding livestock or guarding sheep from predators. Regardless, there is no denying that these dogs make excellent family companions.

A few years ago I was contacted by a man named Michael. He wanted to buy a blue heeler german shepherd mix puppy from me. At first glance, it looked like a good idea since he had heard great things about my breed.

However, after speaking with him on the phone, I realized that he didn’t really want just any old blue heeler; he wanted the very best of them! I told him that if he could get me one, then he would be extremely lucky. Michael agreed and soon after we arranged to meet at a local shelter.

When we arrived at the shelter, I immediately noticed how large it was compared to the rest of its kind. It seemed like every single animal in here was bigger than life! When we got inside, I saw several crates lined up along with a couple of kennels full of puppies.

There were even a few cages with adult dogs, but most of them were fully grown. As I was about to start looking around, I heard the familiar sound of a peep.

When I looked over to see what it was, I was utterly shocked by what I saw. There was a small dog that looked like a german shepherd mix puppy. Just like the rest of the dogs in here, nobody seemed to want him for some reason.

When he saw me, he started to crawl towards me with his tail between his legs. It seemed as if he was trying to communicate with me in his own way. After taking one last look at him and realizing that nobody else would want such a cute dog, I decided to take him home.

When I got home, I gave him a good name. I called him Bluey for obvious reasons. I soon discovered that he had an unusual obsession with chasing lights and shadows.

It was almost as if he was trying to capture them in order to make them his slaves. Since I didn’t have anything better to do, I let him do as he pleased. This resulted in him begging me for more playtime whenever he could. He also enjoyed food a lot; this I believe is due to the fact that he was once found begging for scraps at a local restaurant.

He grew extremely fond of me over time and I can honestly say that he is the best friend that I have ever had. He is extremely loyal and loving and will do anything to protect me. The only thing that I have to be careful about is his herding instincts.

It is very easy for him to accidentally bump into me when he is trying to herd me somewhere. All I have to do is give him a stern “No!” and he’ll stop. He’s also extremely good with children and always makes sure to keep them from getting hurt, even if that means putting himself in harm’s way.

All in all, Bluey is one of a kind and I wouldn’t trade him for the world.

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