Blue Lacy Dog Breed Information Center – Your Complete Guide

Blue Lace Lab Mixes are one of the most popular dog breeds today. They have been used for many years in various movies and TV shows such as “The Wire”, “Dog Whisperer” and “Pets”. There are even some books about them too!

But what do they really look like? What does it mean to be a blue lace or a lacey lab? How much do they weigh? And how long will their hair stay this color?

These are just some of the questions that need answering.

What Is A Blue Laced Labrador?

A blue laced lab is a breed of dog with light colored hair. Their coat may be short, medium or long depending on the individual’s preference. Some have straight, curly or wavy coats while others have either type of coat. However, all blue laced dogs share certain characteristics:

They come from a large variety of colors and patterns.

Their fur tends to be lighter than other types of dogs’ fur.

Some have a bit of white in their hair. (However, this is not considered a defect.)

All blue laced dogs are known for their beautiful eyes. They tend to have a very expressive face and bright eyes. Many people think that these are the brightest eyes around! They make up for it though with their wonderful personalities and playful nature.

Blue laces are very popular with hunters and other outdoor types.


Lacy labs, or just lacy’s for short, are a type of dog that looks like other dogs but are actually quite different. Most people think that they must have some sort of mix with a coyote or another dog breed, but this is definitely not the case! They have light fur that can come in many colors. Some of these include:







Blue Lacy Dog Breed Information Center – Your Complete Guide - Image

Light brown

Dark brown

Gray (light, dark and smoke)


Silver (light, medium, dark and shaded)

Gold (light, medium, dark and shaded)

When it comes to patterns, there are also quite a few to choose from. Some of these include:




Blue Lacy Dog Breed Information Center – Your Complete Guide - Picture


Ticked (with or without white)

Roan (with or without white)

All of these dogs also have bright eyes. These can be any shade of brown, hazel, green or blue. Some have a lighter color on the edge of their eyes that frames their brighter eye. They are very friendly and many people enjoy taking them on walks or even hunting with them!

They are very popular among outdoor types and those who love to get out in nature.

What Is A Blue Lacy?

A Blue lacy is a mixture between a blue laced labrador and a lacy. They have light fur that can come in many different colors and patterns. So, they could have a saddle pattern, a blaze, ticking or even roan coloring! Some also have lighter eyes that frame their bright eyes. Some even have bright eyes that are blue, green or gray in color. These dogs are very popular and are often used by hunters because of their doting personality and wonderful ability to sniff out food or anything else you might be looking for!

What Is A Blue Lacey?

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