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The South African Boerboel (Boer) Dog is one of the most popular breeds in the world today. They are known for their loyalty, affection, and love of people. There are many different varieties of these dogs, but they all share some common traits such as being very loyal to their owners and having a gentle nature. These characteristics make them perfect companions for children or anyone else who needs someone to look after them.

They are also known for their ability to hunt game at great distances with little effort. They have been used as guard dogs since ancient times and were even used during the American Revolutionary War.

Some historians believe that the Boerboel Dog was actually bred specifically for military use, but it wasn’t until World War I when they became so popular that they were officially adopted into service. During World War II, some Boerboel Dogs served in both the Allied Forces and Axis Powers.

In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in the Boerboel Dog due to its popularity among movie stars like Charlize Theron and Brad Pitt. A few other celebrities who own Boerboel Dogs include Angelina Jolie, Kate Winslet, Johnny Depp, and George Clooney.

The South African Boerboel Dog is also famous for being featured in several television shows including “Pets” and “Dogs Like You.”

The South African Boerboel Dog is a very large breed, but they are still puppies at heart. They love to play and get along well with children.

They are also very protective of their owners and have been known to be ferocious when threatened. They are especially good watchdogs because they will bark when a stranger gets too close to the house.

The Boerboel Dog may be too much of a handful for a first-time dog owner. They need a significant amount of exercise every day, and if they don’t get enough, they can become destructive.

Owners also need to make sure that they are well-trained, because if you cannot establish yourself as the leader they will not listen to anything else you have to say.

Boerboel Dogs are strong and require a lot of space. They should always be kept in a fenced-in area or they may decide to wander off, which can be dangerous due to their large size.

Today, the South African Boerboel Dog is still in high demand as a guard dog, but many owners like them for the simple fact that they are great friends and family pets. Owners of Boerboel Dogs say that their loyalty and gentle nature make up for their large size.

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Boerboel’s are a very active breed, so they need a lot of regular exercise like running or jogging and also have to be taken on walks regularly. If you fail to do this they will become bored and find there own ways to entertain themselves usually resulting in damage to property or destruction of furniture!

The Boerboel is a massive dog and is not for everyone. If you have small children they need to be old enough to respect the dogs size and not to go near it as the dog could accidently knock them over, this is especially true if you have baby gates up that they could topple forward through.

Your home also has to be big enough for the Boerboel as they are not really suited to living in apartments.

One advantage of the Boerboel is its tolerance to temperature extremes. It can handle both hot and cold weather pretty well.

They do shed their coats twice a year so they are not the most convenient dogs if you dislike vacuuming!

The Boerboel is not an excessively noisy dog but it does like to bark a lot. You will often find the dog barking at things that go on in the street or even barking at people who come to the door.

While the dog is not overly protective it will defend its family if it feels that they are threatened.

The Boerboel reaches sexual maturity at about 18 months and should have its first litter at around 2 years. They have a life span of 8 to 10 years.

The Boerboel is probably not the dog for everyone. It has a fearsome appearance and can be aggressive with wrong guidance but with the right owner they can make a great family pet.

They are usually very loving towards children in particular.

The Boerboel can live in an apartment if it is sufficiently exercised but needs lots of space and preferably a house with a yard.

The Boerboel is a powerful dog and requires an owner that can display leadership. If you are not a natural leader then this dog is not for you!

They can do well with families but the family has to be willing to give the time to train and socialize it properly.

The Boerboel is a very strong dog and can easily knock over a child, hurt a smaller animal or even possibly cause injury to a smaller adult. It is not a dog for the weak or faint of heart!

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The Boerboel has lots of energy and loves to play. It is best suited to either active families or someone who has the time to take it hiking, jogging or swimming on a regular basis.

The Boerboel needs to be with people and does not like being left alone for long periods of time. It can be destructive when bored or frustrated.

When training the Boerboel you need to establish yourself as pack leader or it will try to take control. Consistency is essential when training this dog.

Since they are intelligent it picks up things quite easily but can also be stubborn and argue back when it doesn’t want to do something.

The Boerboel is a popular dog in South Africa and is used for guarding and protecting family and property. It also excels in the protection sport of KNPV (K9 Nose Work) where it works off leash following a scent and locating the item that the scent comes from.

In South Africa it is also used for boar hunting.

In the USA and UK the Boerboel is still fairly rare but this is starting to change as more people become aware of the breed.

In terms of health concerns, the Boerboel can suffer from a number of problems including Hip Dysplasia (a condition where the ball and socket part of the hip does not fit together properly so the leg doesn’t move properly), Eye problems, deafness and skin problems. This means it is important to get your dog tested for these conditions by a vet and have the necessary tests carried out.

The Boerboel is a relatively healthy breed and not prone to excessive illnesses but, like all breeds, it is important to visit a vet on a regular basis, keep them immunized and on the look out for any problems.

The average litter size is between 4-7 puppies.

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