Border Collie Chihuahua Mix – Is This Unusual Hybrid Right For You

Border Collie Chihuahua Mix – Is This Unusual Hybrid Right For Me?

The following are some interesting facts about border collies:

1) They have been used in military operations since World War II.

They were trained to sniff out explosives and drugs.

2) Their coat color varies from black, brown or tan to red, yellow or orange.

3) There are several types of collies including purebreds, mixed breeds and rescue dogs.

4) A border collie’s temperament is friendly, but they are not known to be very affectionate.

5) They are good with children and other animals.

6) They like to play fetch and go for long walks.

7) Most border collies live up to 20 years.

8) Some breeders prefer to use only purebreds because it helps them save money on health care costs.

9) They make excellent family pets.

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10) They do not bark much, but if they hear something strange, they will run off immediately. 11) Their coat does shed and their fur is usually dirty looking after every shower.

12) Many people believe that border collies are smart because they can recognize human voices. 13) If you want a dog that loves to please you, then a border collie would be perfect for your home! 14) They are far from being lap dogs, but they love to sit by your side, lay by your feet or even sleep on your bed. 15) They are full of energy and always ready for a game of catch, a walk or just running around the yard with you! 16) Border collies also make great watchdogs because they will bark at any strangers that come near your house.

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These dogs are great for watching your property, and also for competitions like sheep herding or even dog shows! These dogs are very intelligent but they need their daily exercise or else they will find something to do on their own such as digging or getting into other mischief around the house.

They require a lot of grooming as well, several times a week they need to be brushed to get rid of dead hairs. But if you want a loyal friend who will do anything for you, then this is the dog for you!

Below are some helpful Border Collie Training Tips:

1) Establish a “bond” with your dog.

Be sure that your dog understands that you are his master (or mistress). Unless you establish this hierarchy, your dog will not respect you or your commands.

Also, without discipline, your dog will not learn anything or behave as you wish.

2) Be sure to socialize your dog.

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Dog training classes are a great place to do this, but be sure that you start when your dog is young (around 8 weeks). If you start with an adult dog, they may become nervous around other dogs and snap or misbehave.

3) Do not use physical punishment.

This will certainly not help your cause. In fact, it may make things much worse or even damage your relationship with your dog.

Be sure to find a professional or experienced dog owner who can help you with training.

Border Collie’s love to herd animals, so if you raise animals for consumption such as chickens, you should always keep your Border Collie on a leash or in an enclosed area. They have been known to lead the animals they are herding toward water or even away from it and some have even been known to kill zoo animals just for fun.

If you have animals that you need to contain make sure you use a border collie with them. They are very loyal and will keep the herd in line.

5) Border Collies like to bark. It is important that you train your dog not to bark excessively or the neighbors will call animal control on you and you could lose your dog.

Train your dog never to bark without a reason and always to listen to your commands.

6) Border Collies will usually obey commands, but if you want to be sure of things, you can take your dog to a border collie competition.

There they can prove their intelligence and get a certificate of achievement. This way, you know that your dog is capable of taking commands and will most likely obey you.

7) Border Collies are very intelligent.

They can understand and obey sentences consisting of several commands. They are capable of listening to a string of commands and carrying them out.

They can even be taught to speak.

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8) If you decide to show your dog, there are many contests that they can enter.

Some of them include sporting events such as sprinting, jumping, and Frisbee-fetching. There are also beauty contests in which your dog is judged on its looks.

There are many others as well.

9) Take your dog for a walk each day.

This will not only keep them fit, it will give you a chance to spend time with your loyal and obedient pet.

If you take these steps when training your dog, you should have a loving and obedient pet for years to come. Border Collies make great companions and will always be there for you through good and bad times.

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