Border Collie Colors, Patterns and What They Mean

Border Collies are known for their loyalty and love of family. They have been bred to perform a wide variety of tasks including guarding livestock, working with children, hunting and even performing search and rescue missions. Their intelligence makes them excellent guard dogs. They do not bark much but they make great watchdogs when trained properly. These dogs are very loyal companions who will always protect those close to them.

The Akitas (Akitas) are a medium sized breed of dog found throughout Europe and Asia. They were originally developed from the dingo which was native to Australia and New Guinea. The Akita is one of the smallest breeds of dog, weighing between 25 – 35 pounds. However, they are still larger than many terriers such as the Great Dane or German Shepherd Dog.

Their coat is short and dense with white markings running down their back, chest and sides. Their ears are large and pointed while their eyes are dark brown.

Akitas have a strong sense of loyalty and honor. They are very intelligent, loyal and protective of those they consider friends. Akitas tend to be highly social animals that enjoy spending time with other dogs, humans, cats, horses, birds and other animals. Because of these qualities they often live in packs where each member plays an important role in maintaining the pack’s structure and morale.

Young puppies will often play fight, especially with one another. The most common pack leader is called the alpha. The alpha usually leads the pack, finds food and protects the members of the pack. Alpha status is not decided by size or physical strength but by personality and experience.

Akitas are very protective of their territory and make excellent guard dogs. They will bark to let you know if a stranger is approaching your home and can be trained to protect your home. They are natural hunters and have been known to hunt animals such as boar, bear, moose, deer, and elk. They will even hunt smaller animals such as foxes and raccoons.

Akitas are a very clean breed of dog and do not like getting dirty or wet. If they get dirty or wet they will often shake off the moisture or wipe off the dirt. They will also find the nearest water source and wipe themselves dry. They do not like swimming and will usually only enter water to retrieve items.

Akitas are very intelligent and can learn a large number of tricks and commands.

The most commonly used color of Border Collie is black and white but they can also be red and white or tri colored (black, white and tan). The female Border Collie is slightly more stocky in build than the male and they are both proportionally built for speed and endurance. Their coats can be straight, wavy or curly and the length is usually medium or long. The most common colors for working Border Collies are black and white although they can also be red, blue, yellow or grey with white.

Working Border Collies are bred to herd livestock on larger farms in both England and the United States. They are bred for intelligence, endurance, speed, strength and agility. Herding is a very natural behavior for the Border Collie and they will happily herd anything from sheep, cattle, goats, ducks or geese. They will instinctively nip, push, circle, bark and block in order to get the animals to go where they want them to go.

The herding instinct is very strong in Border Collies and they must be kept busy or they will begin to bark at nothing, nip people’s heels or chase cars and bikes. Border Collies can also become destructive when they aren’t given enough to do.

The most common color of Bulldog is white although they can also be black, brown, tan or blue with white. The skin and coat of a Bulldog are generally loose fitting so they are considered a short haired dog. Bulldogs have a larger head in comparison to the size of their bodies and their muzzle is generally shorter than that of other dogs such as German Shepherds or Rottweilers.

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Because of their short muzzles and underbite, Bulldogs have difficulty breathing and do not do well in very hot or very cold weather. They were originally bred to chase prey into a corner or hole and hold them there until their master arrived. They have strong, thick necks and shoulders which they use to their advantage when tackling large animals. Bullies are very affectionate with their owners but can be aggressive towards other dogs especially if they think they are challenging their authority.

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