Border Collie Pomeranian Mix

Border Collie Pomeranian Mix Information:

The breed name “Pom” means “pig”. The color of the coat is white with black markings.

They are known as the pig dog. Their coats vary from light brown to dark chocolate. There are two types of colors; solid or brindle and mixed with one or both of these colors, but they have no solid/brindled markings in them. They are very friendly dogs. They love to play and enjoy being around people.

They come in many different sizes ranging from tiny (under 20 inches) to medium sized (20-30 inches). Their weight ranges from 25 pounds up to 30+ pounds.

Most of their life span is between 8-12 years old. Some will live longer than 12 years old, while others may not survive past 3 years old.

There are various colors and patterns of their coats. These include solid, brindle, chocolate, tabby, cream, black and pure white.

The most common color is solid white. Other colors include brindle, chocolate and cream. Brindle refers to the fact that there are some spots on the back of the head which look like a cross between a wolf’s stripes and a Labrador’s ears. Most pomeranians have brindle markings.

Pomeranian History:

The pomeranian was primarily bred to be a companion dog and was bred by the spaniards. In fact, at one time it was considered a royal dog.

Catherine the Great of Russia owned many pomeranian dogs. They were bred down from much bigger wolf-like dogs. The pomeranian as we know it was bred in Europe sometime during the 16th century. It was mainly bred to be a companion dog.

Pomeranian Borders:

The Pomeranian borders are very long and complex. It is one of the greatest things about their country.

The pomeranian borders are located in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. They have been fighting with neighboring countries for as long as anyone can remember. The most notable war would be against the Swedes during the time of the Great Nordic War. This war ended in 1720. It is now the year of 1816 and the country of Pomerania is at peace for the first time in a very long time. There are rumors in the air about war with the Russians. A war between these two countries would be a very interesting thing to see, but fortunately it hasn’t happened yet.

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The war with the Swedish empire ended in 1720 with the Treaty of Stockholm.

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