Bordoodle – Meet The Amazing Border Collie Poodle Mix


The term “Border Collie” or “Poodles” have been used since the early 1900’s when they were first imported from England. They are a breed of dog that originated in the British Isles and later spread throughout Europe and North America. These dogs are known for their loyalty, intelligence, and love of family.

In the past there was only one type of border collie. Now there are many breeds such as the Staffordshire Bull Terrier (SBT), English Springer Spaniel (ESP) and even the American Pitbull Terrier (APBT).

Some of these new mixes may not look like their purebred counterparts but they still share some characteristics with them.

There are two types of bordoodle: micro and macro. Micro bordoodles are smaller than standard size poodles.

Macro bordoodles are larger than standard size poodles. There is no exact definition of what makes a puppy a mini or a big one so it depends on the breeder how they want to label them.


There are many different border collie / poodle mixes but these are the most common ones.

1. Border-Beau:

Border Collie and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix

2. Borderbichon:

Border Collie and Bichon Frise mix

Bordoodle – Meet The Amazing Border Collie Poodle Mix - DogPuppySite

3. Bordernese:

Border Collie and Siberian Husky mix

4. Border-Poo:

Border Collie and Poodle mix

5. Bordeaux:

Border Collie and French Bulldog mix

6. Bordeskye:

Border Collie and Russian Wolfhound mix

7. Bo-Au-Und:

Bordoodle – Meet The Amazing Border Collie Poodle Mix - Dog Puppy Site

Border Collie and Australian Shepherd mix


Whether your bordoodle is a Border-Beau, a Bordeaux, or even a Bo-Au-Und they will have some common characteristics. They are extremely intelligent and love to work or play games that involve their mind. These dogs also love human companionship and become depressed if left alone for long periods of time. They tend to get along well with children and other animals if they are brought up with them from a young age. This crossbreed is very easy to train, but may require more patience due to their instinctive herding behavior. An owner must show them that they are the alpha in the relationship or else they may try to herd you! Despite their herding skills, bordoodles may be prone to wander off because of their herding behaviors. They may try to herd cars, people, or other animals. These dogs are very energetic and need lots of exercise. A daily walk will not satisfy all of their energy, they need a couple hours everyday to run free in an enclosed area.


Bordoodles are very affectionate towards their owners and like to be around people. They are very loyal and protective towards their family, making great watch dogs. They should be well socialized at an early age to avoid them from being suspicious of everyone.

They are very intelligent and need something to mentally stimulate them or they may begin to get bored. These dogs love to play games that involve their mind such as fetch, hide and seek, or even puzzle toys.

They can learn tricks fairly easily and love to show off in front of their family.

As herding dogs, they need a lot of exercise and love to spend time outdoors. They do best in areas with fencing so they don’t wander too far from home.

Bordoodles are very friendly with everyone they meet but because of their protective nature, owners need to make sure they are socialized properly. They need to learn that not everyone is a threat to their family.

Bordoodles can sometimes be very vocal and bark at things they perceive as threatening. They were bred to work alongside their shepherd so they have a tendency to try to take the lead, even when not working.

Protecting their family is their main priority.


While all dogs are individuals, your bordoodle may fall somewhere on the spectrum between these descriptions. All of these traits are possible, but most be represented to some degree.

Loyal: Border Collies are some of the most loyal dogs out there. They will always be there for you and love you no matter what.

They will often become your best friend in the world. This loyalty also transfers to their appearance. They will look like your shadow, constantly following you from room to room. When you lay down, they will lie down next to you. When you get up, they will get up too. They will be by your side constantly.

Friendly: Their second most notable trait is their friendliness. Border Collies love everyone.

They are especially good around children and tend to like other dogs too. This friendliness extends to strangers. While they may be wary of strangers at first, once they are properly introduced they turn into a big old mush ball of affection.

Clever: With their high intelligence, Border Collies can be trained to do a variety of things. They have been known to help herd sheep, work on farms, act as seeing eye dogs, and do many other types of work.

Most owners will find that their dog has a good ability to learn tricks as well. They learn them quickly and love to show off so be prepared to give them a round of applause after each new trick.

Bordoodle – Meet The Amazing Border Collie Poodle Mix - | Dog Puppy Site

Playful: They love to play and will find little ways to amuse themselves throughout the day. These little games usually involve their owners in some way, shape, or form.

Sometimes they will involve their favorite toy and other times it will be an activity like pulling on your pants to go for a walk. No matter what it is, you can expect them to be doing a little clown-like antics on a regular basis.


If you are interested in getting a bordoodle of your own, you can get in touch with breeders through online forums. It is best to research and look for someone with good reviews and a good reputation. This will ensure that you get your perfect bordoodle.

Also remember to check your local laws on having this type of dog. Some places have Breed Specific Legislation that will prevent you from having one of these dogs no matter how friendly they are.

Here are some places you can look to find reputable breeders or look for puppies up for adoption.

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