Borzoi – The Confident, Athletic Russian Wolfhound

Borzoi – The Confident, Athletic Russian Wolfhound

The first thing you need to know about borzois is that they are not really wolfdogs at all. They are actually a breed of dogs called the “Russian Blue”.

These dogs were originally bred for hunting and war but due to their large size and strength they have been used as guard animals too. Some of them are even used as circus performers.

They are very intelligent and loyal to their masters. Their loyalty is so great that they will attack any other animal or human if it gets into trouble.

However, they do not usually kill humans unless provoked. This means that if you want to get rid of a bully, you must teach him a lesson!

Borzoi are very athletic and strong. They are known to be able to leap over three feet high.

Their powerful muscles make them good fighters and they have a reputation for being fearless when fighting. When cornered, they will fight until death. If you train your borzoi properly, he could become one of the best guards in the world!

In Russia there is a special type of borzoi called “Confidence” which is even more muscular than the usual borzoi. They were bred to be used for wolf hunting and they succeed in their task.

Confidence borzois can easily pull a wolf away from a horse.

In England, this breed of dog is called “the Russian Wolfhound”. Even though they look like the Greyhound, do not be fooled.

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These dogs are much stronger and larger so sometimes they are even used for boar hunting! They are very intelligent and learn things very quickly. One unusual fact about this breed is that they live in packs, not unlike real wolves.

When you think of german shepherds you think of a working dog that is strong and muscular, but also very gentle and loving at the same time. In fact they make great family pets.

They are very loyal to their masters and they will defend them from any harm.

These dogs have great strength. They can track down criminals, catch thieves, and protect their families from any attacker.

When the police need help finding a criminal they will call on a german shepherd to track him down! These dogs are very fast too. They can chase down a criminal in no time at all.

There is a special type of german shepherds that live in England.

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