Boston Terrier Pitbull Mix – Is This Cross Right For You

Boston Terrier Pitbull Mix – Is This Cross Right For You?

The Boston terrier breed originated from the American city of Boston. They are known for their love of exercise and agility. These dogs have been bred to be friendly with children and other animals. The most popular type of Boston terriers are the toy breeds. They tend to be small, energetic, active, affectionate and playful dogs which make them very suitable companions for kids or adults alike.

In addition to being good companions, they are also great guard dogs. Their intelligence makes them excellent watchdogs and alertness is essential when working around large crowds. They are loyal and protective of those close to them. These traits make them ideal family pets.

Boston Terrier Pitbull Mix Puppies For Sale: What To Look Out For When Choosing A Boston Terrier Puppy?

There are two types of Boston terrier puppies available for sale today: Toy Breed and Bulldog. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some people prefer the smaller size of the toy breed while others prefer larger ones. All these factors play a role in choosing the right puppy for your home.

The visual appeal of the dog should not be the only factor to take into consideration. It is important to ask yourself some questions about your home and lifestyle before you commit to buying a dog. Some of these questions include:

Are there children in the home?

Are there other pets in the home?

Does someone in the house have allergies?

Does someone in the house have breathing problems such as asthma or COPD?

Do you have a yard or is it a city apartment?

Do you have time to take the dog out for exercise or walks on a regular basis?

Do you have time to train the dog?

Is someone in the house elderly and would a smaller dog be more suitable?

Are there expected lifestyle changes coming such as a new baby, new job or new home?

The last question is particularly important to ask yourself. Most people are unprepared for the demands a puppy places on their situation. It takes an enormous amount of time to train and socialize a dog from birth. Most owners either underestimate or overestimate this amount of required time. Puppies can be demanding from dawn to dawn and then some!

For this reason, many owners find themselves in situations where they must re-home their puppies. This is usually due to unexpected changes such as new baby, new job or a new home.

If you do your research before buying a pet, you increase your chances of providing a good home for the animal. You also show responsibility on your part which is good for building a foundation for a lasting relationship.

Buying a small dog from a pet store or backyard breeder without asking these questions first is like buying a car without test driving it first.

Should I Get A Boston Terrier Pitbull Mix Or A Regular One?

If you love the look and personality of the Boston Terrier but want a bigger dog, you might want to consider the standard or larger Boston Terrier. These dogs are becoming increasingly popular not only as family pets and service animals but also as guard dogs. One of their most famous owners is the late entertainer Michael Jackson who had a few of these dogs while he lived in his famous Neverland Ranch.

The average life span of a large Boston Terrier is about 12 to 16 years and has some of the same health concerns as the smaller version. These dogs should be fed a diet that doesn’t cause them to gain weight. Obesity is a serious problem with larger dogs just as it is for humans. It can lead to reduced immunity, arthritis, cancer and more.

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