Boston Terrier Temperament: What Will Your Dog’s Personality Be Like

Boston Terrier Temperament: What Will Your Dog’s Personality Be Like?

The Boston terrier is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. They are very loyal, affectionate, playful and intelligent dogs. There are many myths surrounding them; however they have been proven to be true companions with a wide variety of personality traits. The following information will give you an idea of what kind of personalities these dogs tend to display.

1) Loyalty & Trustworthiness : These dogs are extremely loyal and faithful.

They would never betray their friends or family members. However, they may not always understand why someone else does something. If you want your dog to follow you around all day long then it might be best if you don’t let him off leash much at all.

2) Alertness : These dogs are alert and ready to react immediately.

They need constant exercise so they aren’t bored easily. You must provide plenty of opportunities for your dog to run, jump, play and explore.

3) Loves To Play : These dogs love to play!

They enjoy being active and interacting with other animals as well as humans. Playfulness is a big part of their personality.

4) Courageous : These dogs are extremely courageous and bold.

They were bred to chase away thugs and muggers so they are not the type of dogs to back down from a challenge

5) Stubbornness : These dogs are strong willed and independent.

If you want to win your dog over then you must earn his respect. Don’t expect him to follow orders just because you’re the “leader of the pack”.

6) Intelligence : These dogs are very intelligent and learn new things quickly.

They can easily solve problems and learn from their mistakes. They are capable of understanding a wide variety of verbal commands.

7) Playful : These dogs are playful and friendly.

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They love to interact with children and other animals. In fact, they enjoy interacting with everyone!

8) Curiousness : These dogs are naturally curious.

They love to explore new things and have an endless desire for knowledge. They’ll investigate anything and everything!

9) Friendliness : These dogs are extremely friendly and outgoing.

Everyone is their friend as far as they’re concerned. They will approach anyone and everyone without hesitation.

10) Vocalness : These dogs are very vocal and like to express themselves with a wide variety of noises. If you don’t like barking then this isn’t the dog breed for you.

11) Independence : These dogs have an instinct to be self sufficient. They don’t need someone else to take care of them. In fact, they are capable of taking care of themselves even as a puppy!

12) Aggressiveness : These dogs are a little on the aggressive side. They have been bred to be muscular and strong so they can tackle the enemies of their owners. While training can help control this aggressiveness, it is a trait that will always remain to some degree.

13) Destructiveness : These dogs have a lot of energy and a lot of strength. They will need an outlet for this energy or else they may start tearing up your home. Be prepared to provide your dog with many chew toys.

14) Playfulness : These dogs are extremely playful and have a child-like enjoyment of life. If you consider yourself to be a “serious adult” then this dog might not be a good match for you.

15) Fearlessness : These dogs have little fear when it comes to creatures much larger than themselves. Their courage and audacity can be quite admirable at times, but they can also get themselves into trouble.

Note: At first glance one might assume that all of these traits seem positive. And they are, with one exception…

Number 7. Playfulness.

The dogs in this category tend to be friendly towards everyone and anyone. This is a very good trait in a guard dog because it means they aren’t likely to attack non-threatening people. However, this also means they cannot discriminate between friend and foe.

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Let’s say you are an assassin hired to kill the prince. You know he has a playful dog, so you dress up in a costume and enter the palace posing as a performing clown. You proceed to do little tricks with a ball and eventually, your antics win the heart of the prince’s playful dog.

As you’re leaving the palace, the dog grins and yaps at you as he follows you out the front gate… Right through your ambush.

Playful dogs tend to be very trusting. If they like you, then they like you!

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