Bull Terrier Mixes – Which One Will Be Right for You

Bull Terrier Puppy Information

The term “bull terrier” refers to three different breeds: American Staffordshire terriers (which are a type of mixed breed), Staffordshire bull terriers (a purebred dog) and the Jack Russell Terrier. All three of these dogs share many characteristics such as being small, energetic, loyal, protective and affectionate.

They all have similar temperaments which make them suitable for family pets or companions.

American Staffordshire Terrier (also known as simply “Staffordshire”) is one of the most popular types of terriers in the world. These dogs were originally bred to guard livestock and homes from predators.

Today they are used for police work, search and rescue, tracking criminals and even working with children’s sports teams. Most American Staffordshire Terriers are medium sized dogs weighing between 20-30 pounds. Some may reach up to 40 pounds while others weigh less than 10 pounds.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier (also known as simply “Bulldog”) is another popular type of terrier. They were originally bred to hunt game animals like deer, boar and hares.

Their size makes them ideal for guarding livestock, but their loyalty and love of humans make them very popular too. They tend to be larger than other types of terriers, ranging from 30-40 pounds. Some may reach up to 50 pounds while others weigh less than 15 pounds.

Jack Russell Terrier is the smallest of the three. They were bred to hunt foxes and rodents, but today they are used as search and rescue dogs, as well as family pets.

They are also very commonly used as companion dogs for people who live in apartments or other places where full-sized dogs may not be permitted. Jack Russell Terriers tend to weigh between 10-15 pounds, with some reaching up to 20 pounds.

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