Bull Terrier Names – The Perfect Title For Your Pup

Bull Terrier Names – The Perfect Title For Your Pup

The name “Pit” is a very popular one among bulldog lovers. Some say it’s because they think it sounds like a kind of barking sound or something similar. Others believe that it comes from the fact that some people call them pit bulls. There are many other theories too, but what does matter is the fact that most people associate these dogs with the word “pit”.

It seems that there are no limits when it comes to naming bulldogs. There are so many different variations that it would take up a whole book to cover all of them. However, if you want to make your own choices, here is our list of top 10 bulldog names:

1) Pitbull (or Pitbulls) – These are the ones which have been given a nickname due to their aggressive behavior towards other animals and humans.

They tend to be very dominant and will often fight with each other. Sometimes they may even kill their siblings if they don’t get their way.

2) Bullycub – These are the ones which have been named after the little bully cubes they like to play with.

Most of them are born with a small size, but grow into larger versions over time. Some of them might look cute at first glance, but then become meaner than any normal bulldog when provoked.

3) American Bully – These are the bulldogs which have been bred in America ever since they got imported over here.

They are very muscular and large in size, but not necessarily mean. In fact, some of them tend to be more playful than others and prefer to keep themselves fit rather than fight.

4) English Bulldog – They are the ones which were brought over from England a long time ago.

They are the original bulldogs and are still very popular among dog owners. Their faces are flat and their ears are flopped over.

5) Miniature Bullies – These ones are quite obvious since they are basically miniature sized bulldogs.

They may have been brought into this world through a breeding program or they might have been a small version of an already existent breed (such as the American Bully).

6) French Bulldog – These ones have a very unique body structure and are preferred by people who like to show them at competitions.

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They have long muzzles, small wide-set eyes, bat ears that are set high on their head and a very short tail.

7) Boston Terrier – These bulldogs were brought into this world by breeding a white English Terrier with an English Bulldog.

They have a lot of energy and tend to move around constantly. They are small in size, but very agile.

8) Standard American Bulldog – They are simply known as American Bulldogs and have been bred in the US rather than England.

Their face is much shorter compared to their English counterparts. Most people consider them to be very good looking dogs.

9) French Mastiff – These ones are quite large and were bred in France from English Bulldogs.

They were brought into this world by crossing them with various English Bulldogs and ABull dogs. They have short legs due to the fact that their parents had the same body structure.

10) English White Shepherd – These ones are known to be very protective and were bred in England after they got imported over here. They got brought over here to become guard dogs, but many people now prefer them over other breeds as pets. They have a very large amount of energy and are quite intelligent.

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