Bullmastiff Temperament – Suitable for Your Family

Bull Mastiffs are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. They have been used for hunting, police work, military service and other tasks. They are very intelligent dogs with strong instincts. Bull mastiffs are known to be stubborn but they do not necessarily mean aggressive. A bullmastiff may just want to show its dominance over someone else or it might even be scared out of its mind!

The breed is famous for their strength and speed. Their size makes them suitable for guarding large areas such as farms, barns, or even homes. Some people believe that bullmastiffs are good guard dogs but they don’t always live up to these expectations. There are many stories about how some bullmastiffs will attack humans if provoked too much.

They tend to bark a lot when they feel threatened which causes problems especially at night time when they sleep so soundly!

They are a great family pet. You can train your bullmastiff to obey commands, but it takes patience and training. If you choose to get a bullmastiff puppy, make sure that you take into consideration all the pros and cons before making the decision.

Bullmastiff are amazing dogs that are suitable for many different living situations. They are great with kids and other pets but you should always train them early on to make sure they know who is in charge. It is silly to think that you wouldn’t have to do anything though, just because they are big. They can be stubborn at times but it isn’t too hard to get them to listen if you stay consistent.

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