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What Is A Quiet Dog?

A quiet dog is one that does not make much noise at all. They are usually very docile dogs. Some of them may even appear shy or scared when they see other dogs, but they do not show it outwardly. They will still respond to your voice and gentle touch. When you pet their head, they may nuzzle into your hand without any signs of aggression.

When you walk away from them, they will stay close to you. They may look at your face with their big eyes and lick your cheek. If they feel like doing something else, then they might sit quietly in front of you while looking at you with their big blue eyes.

If they want to play, then they will just lie down and relax themselves. They may lie down on the floor or on a chair.

They may sleep right next to you and remain there until you wake up.

Some of these quiet dogs are so peaceful that they do not even bark when someone comes near them. Others bark only if they hear something unusual outside. Still others have no reaction whatsoever when they hear sounds around them, such as gunshots or loud music. These silent dogs are called “hush hounds.”

There are different types of quiet dogs, such as small quiet dogs, large quiet dogs, medium-sized quiet dogs, hunting dogs, guard dogs, herding dogs, sight hounds and scent hounds.

You can find almost any breed that fits your lifestyle or personality. You can find a list of all these breeds below.

Small Quiet Dogs

Affenpinscher: The Affenpinscher is a small toy dog which comes from Germany. It is a very ancient breed, and its origins are unknown. It is a cheerful dog that loves to play, although it tends to play by itself rather than with people. It also prefers to sleep in a quiet place rather than on a bed or couch with people.

The Affenpinscher is also very intelligent and independent.

British Toy: The British Toy is a small toy dog from the United Kingdom. It is one of the oldest breeds in Great Britain and has long been a favorite of British royalty. It is very gentle, sweet and easy to train. It is non-allergenic and suitable for most anyone.

Chihuahua: Chihuahuas are one of the smallest dog breeds on the planet. The ancient breed comes from Mexico and was bred by the Techichi civilization. They were once called the Mexican Hairless. They are very in touch with their feelings and will sometimes act stubborn just to prove a point.

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Despite their small size, they can be very aggressive with other dogs.

Japanese Chin: The Japanese Chin is a small toy dog from Japan. It has been bred in the island nation for more than a thousand years. It is the oldest and rarest dog breed in the world. It has many wrinkles and feels most comfortable sleeping under a blanket or wrapped up in a towel.

Italian Greyhound: The Italian Greyhound is a small sighthound from Italy. It is one of the oldest dog breeds, with a history that dates back more than 4000 years. Despite its impressive age, it has never been popular outside of its homeland. It likes to be around people and is fairly active and playful.

Lowchen: The Lowchen is a small companion dog from Germany. Its name means “little lion” in German.

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