Cane Corso Pitbull Mix – What Do You Need To Know About This Cross

What Is A Cane Corso Pit Bull Mix?

A cane corso is a cross between a pit bull and a dalmatian. They are very popular because they have many qualities that make them good companions. They are affectionate, loyal, obedient, protective and friendly. These characteristics make them ideal family pets or even suitable for training purposes if trained properly. Most people prefer these dogs as guard dogs due to their strength and courage. They are usually calm and quiet but when needed they can become aggressive. Their temperament makes them good for those who want a dog that will not bark too much at strangers, but still protect its owner from harm.

The most common type of pitbulls used in fighting is called a dalmatian. The other types include: American Staffordshire terrier, boxer, and mastiff.

Cane corso is a breed name given to these dogs. There are several breeds of pitbulls.

Some of them are known as dalmatians, some as American Staffordshire terriers, others as boxers, and others as mastiffs. The main difference between all the different kinds of pitbulls is their size and coloration. All pitbull types, (including the cane corso pit bull mix) are known for their loyalty and courageousness.

Cane Crossovers with Other Breeds

The cane corso is a large dog which makes it a popular choice of owner. It is a very popular guard dog.

It has been bred for this purpose for many years. This is why it is so loyal to its owner and will not hesitate to defend him or her from danger. It is always on the look out for potential danger and will bark or growl at strangers. It has a protective nature which makes it a good guard dog. It is also large and strong enough to ward off intruders, should this be necessary.

The cane corso is not suitable for city living due to its size. It is better suited to rural locations where there is more space to roam around in.

The cane corso is a loving and loyal dog. It gets on well with children and is tolerant of their behavior. This means it is not necessary to constantly be watching over them as you would with other small children and animals that are around the home. It is very obedient and responds well to commands from its owner. The cane corso makes an excellent addition to any family.

If you plan to introduce a cane corso to your home, remember that it is important that you prepare well for the arrival of your new dog. There are many expenses including medical checks, food, collars, leads, beds, and toys among other things.

On the plus side, these dogs are not overly troublesome. They do not chew up your furniture or dig up your garden. Despite their large size, they are not big eaters either. There are many great advantages to having a cane corso, but you must remember that there are also some responsibilities that come along with it. They need lots of love and attention.

Appearance And Grooming

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The cane corso is very large dog. Typically, it will measure around 30 inches in height and weigh approximately 90 pounds.

These dogs can be slightly greater or less than this size depending on their parents’ size. The cane corso is very muscular and strong. They have a short coat which is almost always some shade of brown. The most common color is a light brown but they can also be black or a dark brown. These dogs do not have an undercoat meaning they are well suited to cooler climates. The fur around the face, lips, and front legs is usually lighter.

The cane corso sheds its fur fairly regularly. It will lose lots of hair in the spring and fall when it is preparing its winter coat and its summer coat.

During these times, it is necessary to brush the coat regularly so that the fur does not mat up and the dog is comfortable. During the winter, it is important to give them a good brushing at least once a week. During the periods between shedding, it is necessary to brush the coat at least once every two weeks.

Frequent bathing can damage this dog’s skin. Owners should bath their dogs only when it is necessary as the cane corso is prone to dry itchy skin.

During the periods between shedding, it is important to check the ears and the folds in their skin for signs of infection. Any sign of irritation must be treated immediately with a long course of antibiotics. Any untreated infection could become life-threatening.

Hereditary Problems

The cane corso has no hereditary problems which are any more common than any other dog. Owners should remember to keep an eye out for injury or infection.

These dogs are prone to dry itchy skin so it is important to keep them free from infection.


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The cane corso requires very little upkeep. Its short and easy to maintain coat does not mat up too badly.

Owners should brush the coat once a week at least. This keeps the dogs comfortable and has the added benefit of keeping the dog clean! During heavy shedding periods as mentioned above, you should brush the dog more often to ensure that does not become matted.

Frequent bathing should be avoided as this can damage the dog’s skin. During heavy shedding periods, it is a good idea to wash the dog with a damp cloth to get rid of dead skin and loose fur.

Doing this too often, however, can leave the dog prone to dry itchy skin which is uncomfortable for the dog. Giving the dog a good rub down with some moisturizing cream can help.


The cane corso is a very energetic breed. It was bred to be a working dog and it needs plenty of exercise to stay healthy and happy.

These dogs were used hunt wild boar, wolves, and even bears! Despite their large size, these dogs are very fast and agile. They are still very much capable of hunting today even though they are now used for companionship rather than hunting.

These dogs require large amounts of exercise on a daily basis. They are happiest when they have a job to do.

Owners who are unable to give them the exercise that they need should consider getting another dog that does not have such high energy requirements. It is never a good idea to let these dogs off their leash as their high energy levels can cause them to dash after other animals or even people, and they can easily get distracted and wander away from home.


The cane corso is a fairly intelligent breed and it learns very quickly. These dogs are natural herders and have a high prey instinct.

Because of this, they do require training to ensure that their instincts do not get them into trouble. It is important to begin training these dogs when they are still young. They can be very difficult to housebreak when they reach 5 or 6 months old.

The cane corso is an intelligent dog but it is still a strong willed breed and does not respond well to punishment based training. Instead, these dogs respond very well to reward based training.

Owners need to be as firm and consistent as possible when training these dogs from a young age. Harsh treatment will only serve to make the dog fearful and more difficult to train. Cane corsos also respond very well to positive reinforcement such as food treats during training sessions.

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The cane corso is a naturally protective breed. However, without proper training, they can be very unpredictable and even dangerous.

They need to be taught at an early age not to lash out or attack other people without the command to do so. It is important that owners always maintain a certain level of control over their dogs during walks and when around other people. The cane corso needs to understand that any threat must be pointed out by its owner before it can take action. This is especially true if there are children in the house.

Common Health Problems

Generally speaking, the cane corso is a very healthy breed. However, this does not mean that they are free from all health issues.

The most common problems that owners will need to look out for include bloating, musculoskeletal problems, ear infections, and Progressive Retinal Atrophy. These dogs also tend to gain weight very easily so it is important to keep an eye on their diet. Obesity can lead to further health problems for these dogs.


One of the most dangerous and life-threatening problems that a cane corso can develop is called bloat. This condition happens when the stomach twists and then fills with gas.

This blocks off the entrance of the stomach and causes it to fill with digestive juices. This often leads to a very painful death if the dog is not treated immediately. Any dog with an obese BMI (Body Mass Index) or that are generally heavy chested are at a higher risk of developing bloat. These dogs should be watched carefully during mealtimes and exercise should be kept to a minimum after they eat.

Cane corsos can also have a tendency to suffer from musculoskeletal issues. These dogs were bred for working and in many cases still participate in intensive labor today.

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It is common to find these dogs suffering from degenerative joint and bone issues as they age. Owners need to monitor their dogs to ensure that they are not experiencing any pain or limping after strenuous exercise. It is also a good idea to give older dogs anti-inflammatory medications and supplements to keep their pain to a minimum.

Ear infections are also fairly common in this breed. These dogs often have large furry ears that can trap moisture and dirt inside which leads to infection.

Owners should check their dogs ears regularly for signs of irritation or redness. It is also recommended to keep the ears dry after wet weather and be sure to clean them weekly if they are prone to collecting dirt and moisture.

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