Cavalon: The Cavalier Papillon Mix

Cavalon: The Cavalier Papillon Mix

The cavalier is one of the most popular breeds in the world. They are known for their loyalty, love of family, and devotion to their masters. They have been used in many different roles throughout history including hunting, guarding livestock, guarding homes and even fighting!

However they are not just used for these things; they can do so much more than any other breed because of it! Their intelligence makes them great companions too!

They are very intelligent and loyal. They will follow your every command without question. They love children and will always try to make sure they get enough attention from their parents.

If given the chance, they would probably adopt you into their pack if you were around. These traits make them ideal for service jobs such as guard duty or police work where they need to remain focused and obedient at all times!

In addition to being loyal and loving, they are also extremely beautiful. Their coats range from white to black with silver flecks. Some have spots while others don’t.

Most of them have a long neck and slender legs making them look like miniature horses! They tend to stand out against the crowd but that’s why they’re so lovable! They are excellent watchdogs and good with kids too since they enjoy playing fetch and chasing after toys. Despite their size, they are great hunters and have an excellent sense of smell.

There is a reason why they have been used as all-purpose hunting dogs for centuries! They are an amazing breed and will always try to make you happy. The main reason why they are used so much is the fact that they can work on a wide range of jobs, from circus performer to seeing eye dog.

These dogs are seriously talented and can do anything you ask of them.

You should definitely consider getting a Cavalier because they make for great pets! They are very easy to care for and will always stay by your side. They are loving, well mannered and just want to be around people.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels also love kids so you don’t have to worry about them being mean or snappy around your siblings or children. If you’re a family person who loves animals, then the Cavalier is definitely for you!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are small dogs that require little maintenance. They don’t eat much and don’t tend to go crazy if they are left alone at home for a few hours. They will love you no matter what, even if you have to stay at work late every once in a while.

They make great additions to family homes and will become a part of your pack if you let them!

Papillon: The Cavalier Papillon Mix

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The papillon is one of the most popular toy dog breeds in the world. They are extremely friendly, active and loving. They have a reputation for being excellent with children and they love to play all day if they could!

They are also very easy to train and cares very deeply about their owners. Due to their small size however, they do not make good watch dogs.

They originated in France where they were widely used as both circus dogs and companion dogs. During the French Revolution, many royalists had their heads shaved as punishment. This meant that the main hairstyle at the time, elaborate long hair, became unpopular.

Many people began to adopt the papillon for this reason and their popularity grew ever since! They are great companion dogs but due to their small size they are limited to living in apartments rather than houses.

The papillon is a very healthy breed and does not have many genetic health problems. They are prone to having their ears burn in the sun and require regular grooming to look their best. They are also known to have playful and friendly personalities which means they are always up to meeting new people!

They also get on well with kids and other animals, making them great for families.

Due to their small size the papillon can live just about anywhere. They are happy in an apartment as long as they are walked every day. They may have a tendency to bark a lot when left alone which is why apartment living is best for them!

The papillon is an extremely friendly and loving dog that is best suited to living in an apartment or small house. They love people and other animals so they are great for families. They are also easy to train and care for as they only require a moderate amount of exercise and do not eat much food.

They are great overall and will make a loving addition to just about any family.

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Puggle: The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Mix

The Puggle is a relatively new breed that is the result of crossbreeding a pug with a beagle. Also known as a “Puggle” or a “Pug Beagle.” They are fairly new hybrid breed that is gaining in popularity.

Puggles are very friendly, playful and outgoing dogs that get on well with just about everyone! They are very people oriented dogs who will follow their owners around all day if they can.

The puggle is a relatively small dog with heavy wrinkles in its forehead and around its face. They also have a very short muzzle which makes them look like they are smiling all the time! They are very loving dogs that enjoy the company of people and other animals.

They are very easy to train and takes well to new things in their environment.

Puggles are a relatively new breed of dog and as such they do not have a long life expectancy. They tend to live for about 11-13 years on average which is about the same as a beagle. Puggles are also prone to a range of health conditions such as eye problems, allergies and back problems.

It is important that owners keep their puggle lean and exercise them regularly to ensure they maintain good physical health.

Puggles make great family pets due to their people friendly nature. They are playful and love to run around the house making as much noise as they can! Due to their playful nature they do require daily walks and a yard would be ideal for them.

They also require regular grooming to cut their nails and brush their fur.

The puggle is a relatively healthy dog that is known for being very gentle and loving towards children. They are great family dogs and will get on well with people and animals alike. Puggles are easy to train due to their friendly nature, they just need patience when training their stubborn streak!


There are many different dog breeds out there and it can sometimes be hard to choose which one is right for you. Thanks to popular culture, some of the more well-known breeds like German Shepherds and Collies are often assumed by many to be the best breeds around despite not being suited to everyone’s lifestyle.

The best breed for you is always going to be the one that fits your lifestyle and personality the most. Of the five breeds mentioned above, only two of them are acceptable for apartment living. Two are average and suited to most people’s lifestyles.

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The last one is best suited to rural living with space. Think about what your lifestyle is going to be like and which dog breed will match it the most.

Be sure to do your own research as well. Different dogs will match different people in different ways. There are so many breeds in the world that you are sure to find one that you fall in love with!

Good luck in your search and don’t forget to have fun along the way!

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