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Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are a breed with many different colors. There are some very rare colors such as blue, black, chocolate, cream and even red. They have been bred for centuries to show their owners that they are proud of their heritage. Some of these colors were chosen because they look good on the dogs’ coats and others were selected due to their breeding history. These breeds come in all sizes from tiny little puppies to medium sized dogs and large ones!

The most popular color is the dark brown. Many people think that the darker the better but it isn’t true. A dog’s coat needs to be able to withstand extremes of temperature so a lighter colored coat will not do well in cold weather and a darker one won’t do well in heat. Also, if your dog has a light shade of brown fur then you may want to consider getting him a white or cream coat instead since those two colors are much easier on the eyes than black.

Another popular color is the black. Black is considered to be a very powerful color and it can make a dog stand out from other dogs. However, there are certain rules when choosing a black dog:

1) You must get a purebred black dog (not mixed breeds).

If you buy a mixed breed then you are taking on the risk that something else in the mix could cause health problems.

2) You need to choose a dog that has no markings of any kind.

Markings can include spots above the eyes or under the eyes, spots on the legs or any other place that you can think of. These markings take away from the power of the black coat and make it less impressive.

3) You need to get a dog without a tail.

Some people may not realize this but a dog’s tail is actually part of its spine. Since color is supposed to cover the whole body then a black dog should not have a tail, otherwise it is not a true reflection of the coat color.

These are just a couple of the rules when choosing a pure black dog. There are some others but these two are definitely the most important to think about.

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When choosing any other color you will have much more freedom to choose whatever type of fur pattern that you want. There are really no rules when it comes to choosing a color as long as you find one that YOU like. It is important, though, to be careful when making this decision because some colors are more likely to have problems than others.

The next most popular color is red. This color is just as powerful as black but it won’t clash with your furniture or other belongings in the house! The only problem is that most people don’t realize that there are different shades of red. Just think about the United States flag. It has a red background but then there are also different shades of red stripes as well.

Well, these shades of red are the same for dogs. The lighter the shade of red then the more likely that the coat color won’t be healthy. It won’t necessarily be unhealthy but it could have some problems with pigment later on in life. The darker the shade of red then the more likely that the coat color is going to be healthy. It may have a few spots here and there but it should be fine.

A lot of people do not realize that yellow is a popular color as well. This color can be a little tricky, though. Yellow is not a common color so if you get one of these dogs then most people are going to think that it is either sick or dying. This color also has the potential to have serious health problems so you really need to think long and hard before even choosing one of these dogs. If you do decide that a yellow dog is the right one for you then go with the palest shade of yellow that you can find.

The paler the better when it comes to this color because, like the darker reds, this color is less likely to have pigment problems when it gets older.

The last popular color is white. This color, like yellow, also has the potential to have serious health problems due to a lack of pigment but the difference is that white is the LEAST likely to have these problems. In fact, most people confuse albinos with true color dogs due to this lack of pigment but it is possible to tell if you really look hard enough. True white dogs do have some pigment just not on the outside. The insides of their ears will be red if they are a true white, otherwise they will just look pink.

There may also be a little bit of color in the eyes or at least what is around the eyes. It is very rare to see a totally white dog with black spots inside the eye area.

Now that you know what colors are available you need to decide on a pattern. This is very easy for some and confusing for others. Patterns are either solid, which means that the whole body is one color without any markings, or they have markings, such as spots or stripes. It’s really easy once you get the hang of it.

The most common pattern is the solid color. This means that you will not have any markings on the dog. Some solid colors are: black, red, yellow, and white.

The next most common pattern is the spotted pattern. This means that the dog will have small spots over the entire body. Spots can vary in sizes and numbers. They can be dark brown, black, blue, or gray in color. Some dogs will even have patches instead of spots.

These are just large areas of the body that have a different color than the rest.

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The third most common pattern is the roaned pattern. This means that the dog will have large areas over the entire body that are a mixture of two colors. The colors can be either a solid or a pattern. These dogs will mostly consist of an uneven mixture of colors with some areas being one color and other areas being another color.

The final most common pattern is the striped pattern. This means that the dog will have stripes over the entire body. These stripes can be either vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. When they are vertical they go from the top of the head to the bottom of the tail. When they are horizontal they go from side to side.

Some dogs will even have a mixture of all three.

There are other patterns out there but these are far and between. Most of the other patterns that you will run into are either rare or at least not as common.

The most rare pattern is the double-dorsal stripe. This is when a dog has two stripes going down its back in the opposite direction of each other. It doesn’t matter if the rest of the dog is solid or what color it is. As long as it has these two stripes going down its back then it’s a double-dorsal.

The second rare pattern is the ticked pattern. This is rare and you will probably never see one but it is out there. A ticked dog will have small patches of a different color on an otherwise solid dog. These patches can vary in sizes but if the colored patches are so small that they look like spots instead then it’s not a ticked dog.

The third and final pattern is the whiteface pattern. This is an uncommon dog that has a solid color head and a white body. The legs will be the same color as the rest of the body. These dogs are really rare because double dapples are more common.

With all of these colors and patterns to choose from, it should be easy to find one that you really like. Some of the most popular include the black, yellow, red, and blue dogs. Some of the least popular include the white, gray, and brown dogs. The most rare of all are the double-dorsal ticking pattern in any color and even rarer is the whiteface pattern in any color.

“Okay, I think I’m done. Let’s see your catalog.” You say as you turn to look at J’Arel.

Cavanese – The Cavalier Havanese Mix Is a Toy Sized Joy - Dog Puppy Site

“Alright, here you go.” J’Arel replies as he hands you a small binder full of dogs.

You spend the next five minutes looking through the catalog before you are interrupted.

Hey guys, are you ready to order yet?”

You hear a waitress ask as she stands next to your table.

“Yeah, I think we are.” Replies J’Arel as he stands up.

“I’ll have the double bacon cheeseburger, fries, and a coke.” J’Arel says.

“I’ll have the #4, super sized, and a coke as well.”

“Okay, that’ll be ready in a few minutes.”

The waitress turns and walks away as you get out of your chair.

What are you doing?”

Asks J’Arel as he sees you stand up.

“I’m going to go look at the pictures on the walls while you two make your orders.” You reply.


They don’t have anything interesting, just advertisements.”

“Yeah, but I’m still interested.”

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“Suit yourself.”

As you walk away from the table J’Arel calls out to you.

“Hey, if you see something you like in the pictures feel free to point it out to me, I sometimes miss things.”

You give a brief nod as you walk away. You walk past the cashier and the waitress and turn right towards the wall with the pictures on it. The first picture you see is one of a Saint Bernard battling a giant snowman that is threatening a group of humans. You give it a glance as you walk by before moving on to the next one.

The next one is an advertisement for dog food with three dogs in front of a red van. Wait a minute…that’s the van that the dog food company uses! You take a step back to take a better look at it.

One of the dogs looks very similar to the ones you saw earlier today when you were looking at the different breeds. The dog food company must use real dogs in their ads!

You walk over to where J’Arel and Lucas are sitting and interrupt them.

“Hey, Lucas.

Did you know that the dogs in the dog food company’s advertisements are real dogs?”

You ask.

Yeah, so?”

Lucas replies.

“So, that means if we order something else other than what J’Arel suggested then we’ll be eating the dogs from those pictures.”

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“Yeah, I know.”

You do? Then why did you let J’Arel order for you?”

“I didn’t want to bother arguing with him. Besides, I don’t think it really matters as long as there is food for us to eat. Come on, let’s go sit back at our table.

You shrug your shoulders and follow Lucas back to the table. You take a seat and stare at the pictures some more while you wait for your food. Several other customers come in and you watch as they all order the mega dog meal.

Doesn’t anyone want something else?

After what seems like forever the waitress arrives with three super sized fries and three super sized cokes. She puts them on the table and walks away. You all quickly dig in and stuff your faces. It’s barely enough to sustain a person, let alone three growing boys.

Once you’ve stuffed yourself you look over at J’Arel and Lucas who are both struggling to finish their food. You grab the ketchup bottle and walk back over to the pictures on the wall. You take out the pencil from behind your ear and slowly start writing on the advertisements for the dog food.

You write out a short sentence: “Boy loves girl. Girl loves dog food. Boy eats girl. Boy eats dog food.”

You step back to look at what you’ve written and then show it to J’Arel and Lucas when you realize they are standing behind you with confused looks on their faces.

What does it say?”

Asks Lucas.

You grab his arm and drag him over to where the pictures were. You point to the two advertisements with the dogs in them.

“It says that the two dogs in these pictures are the same ones we saw earlier today and that they’re going to be eaten by a boy and his grandfather.” You explain.


That’s ridiculous! They’re just dogs used by a dog food company. I think you must have mistaken them for real dogs.”

“No. I’m sure J’Arel saw them too.”

“Yeah, I did.” He replies.

Well, what does it matter anyway?

I’m sure they weren’t real dogs. Just dogs used by a dog food company. Now come on, let’s finish eating so we can get home.”

You both eat in silence for the next few minutes and then follow Lucas out to his car.

Cavanese – The Cavalier Havanese Mix Is a Toy Sized Joy -

So, are we going to the museum on Monday?”

He asks as you get in the car.

“Yeah, I think we better. I want to see these dogs for myself. If they are really going to be eaten…” You leave your sentence unfinished.

You don’t even want to think about it.

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