Chocolate Lab – Fun Facts About Your Favorite Brown Dog

1. A chocolate lab is a dog with a coat of dark colored hair, which is usually white or almost entirely white.

The color of the fur varies from one individual to another, but it generally ranges between black and grayish brown. They are not related to the chocolate poodle breed; however they do resemble them somewhat. The name “chocolate” comes from the fact that the dogs’ coats are often covered with small pieces of chocolate candy.

2. Chocolate Lab puppies are born with their eyes closed and ears pricked up, so they look like little chocolates.

Their eyes open when they begin eating solid food. The first time a puppy eats meat, its mouth immediately begins salivating and drooling due to the high concentration of protein in meat, causing it to spit out some of it’s meal into its paw.

3. Chocolate Lab puppies grow at a slower rate than other breeds of dogs, although they reach full maturity much sooner than most.

They typically live less than five years, though some have lived over ten! However, the average life span of a chocolate lab is only three to four years. Some have even survived longer.

4. The reason why chocolate labs are called “brown dogs” is that when hunting, hunters would call out “who’s your dog?” as a way of asking whose land they were entering.

If they didn’t know the land owner, they would shoot the dog first as it approached, making sure not to get too close and give their position away.

5. In the 1800’s, English gun clubs held shooting contests using black cloth targets to simulate a bird in flight.

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