Cockalier – The Cocker Spaniel Cavalier King Charles Mix

Cockalier – The Cocker Spaniel Cavalier King Charles Mix

The name “cavaliere” comes from the French word “carabiniere”, which means horseman or rider. These are the men who ride horses while others hold lances (or swords). They were originally cavalrymen, but later they became mounted soldiers.

They have been used since ancient times. There are many stories about them, but there is one story that everyone recognizes: the tale of Sir Bedivere and the giant squid!

In 1492, a Spanish sailor named Juan Ponce de León was captured by pirates. After several months of captivity, he managed to escape and fled back home to Spain where he told his wife what happened. She sent him a letter telling him to come to her house. When he arrived she asked if he had seen any ships, because she thought the pirates might have taken some sailors with them.

He replied that no ship had been sighted, so he went into hiding again until one day when he heard that a group of sailors were sailing towards Hispaniola. He and five friends hid on board the ship and sailed with them. They saw many wonderful sights in the New World, but they were captured by Native American (Indian) tribes. One of the sailors chose to stay with the tribe, a second died, and the rest of them escaped to Mexico.

They eventually returned to Spain, where Ponce de León was knighted and sent back to the New World to explore for Spain.

He called the land Florida after its “flowery” appearance. He probably did not realize that the name would be given to the whole continent!

He then explored the coast of the land, looking for gold and other things. One day, he heard about a beautiful fountain of youth and decided to find it. He kept on exploring and exploring until he found a place where there were many Native Americans.

The Native Americans did not attack him, so he thought everything would be fine. Unfortunately, they were friendly because they wanted to capture him! He was taken to their village where he was treated very well, but he could not escape. He was very unhappy in his old age, but then something amazing happened…

A giant sea monster attacked the village and dragged him out to the sea where it wrapped him in tentacles and dragged him down. The other villagers saw what happened and came out in boats to help him, but it was too late. They searched for his remains, but couldn’t find them.

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As you can see, Sir Ponce de León was not the only person to see strange things in the New World!

This story is very sad, because it shows that he must have been a very old man when he died. It also shows that a lot of exploring happened before America had even been named!

There are many other stories about explorers who went missing and were never found. Their bodies were probably eaten by animals and scavengers, or they fell into deep holes that could not be found.

But the most mysterious explorers of all are those who disappeared mysteriously. The first of these was in 1542, on a small island that would become known as Roanoke Island.

A group of English soldiers and sailors landed there and built a fort. They were sent by Sir Walter Raleigh. One day a Chief of the Native Americans visited them and said that if they left he would give them some land. They refused, but they did promise that nothing would happen to him if he returned the next day.

That night, the Native American who had visited them was killed by one of their soldiers. This made the rest of the Native Americans angry and they started attacking the fort.

The English soldiers fought hard, but there were too many Native Americans for them to win. They decided to escape from the island, but they were attacked by Native Americans on the shoreline.

The only survivor was a boy called John White who hid under some of the fort’s wooden palisades. He watched sadly as his friends and comrades were all killed. He quickly swam off the island with nothing but the clothes he was wearing.

A few years later, John returned to the island with more soldiers and settlers to found a town. They named it Roanoke Island, in honor of the Native American tribe that lived there. They also built a big fort, the same one that had been destroyed by the Native Americans. They hoped to make it the first settlement in the New World and from there spread out to other places.

Sadly, when John arrived on Roanoke Island he found it completely empty. There were no signs that any humans had ever been there before. Even stranger, the word “Croatoan” had been carved into a tree. It is not known what this meant, but historians think it might be an island’s name.

Many people think that the Native Americans had killed the settlers, but no one knows for sure what happened to them. It was a very sad end to a town that should have had a good future.

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