Corgi Names – Which One Will Suit Yours Best

Corgi Name: What’s it all About?

The first thing you need to know is what a corgi is. A corgi is a small dog breed originating from the family of Canis lupus familiaris (wolf dogs). They are usually medium sized with short legs and long bodies. Their coats vary in color from light brown or black to grayish white, but they tend towards being very friendly and affectionate toward humans.

Male corgis have been known to grow up to be around seven feet tall, while females are typically between five and six feet. They are generally good natured and gentle with children. Corgis do not bark much, but they will let out a low howl when frightened or excited.

Corgi Names: What Are Some Interesting Male Names?

There are many interesting male corgi names. Here are some of them:

Barker – Barker is one of the most popular corgi names. It means “brave” in English. There are several reasons why people like this name. First, it refers to their bravery and courage which makes them a perfect choice for a pet dog. Second, it refers to their barking sound when they get excited or happy making them suitable for a boy’s name too!

Bubba – This is another one of the more popular corgi names. It means “friend” in English. This name goes well with their gentle personality.

Buttons – This is a cute name for a female corgi. It also sounds perfect for a boy too!

Columbo – This name refers to a fictional detective and sounds cute too!

Fido – This is an obvious pick. It is also a cute name for a female corgi.

Rascal – This funny sounding word makes a good name for any boy or girl dog.

Rover – This funny sounding word works well on either gender. It is also a good way to say that you are the master of your dog!

Zorro – This name comes from the fictional character Zorro and sounds perfect for a boy. It also comes from the Spanish word for “fox” which is perfect for a dog like a corgi.

Corgi Name: What Are Some Less Common Female Names?

There are plenty of less common female corgi names. Here are some of them:

Amanda – This is another one of the more common female corgi names. It means “worthy of love” in Latin.

Buffy – This is also a popular female corgi name. It comes from the fictional vampire slayer.

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Daisy – This is a cute name for a female dog. It is also the nickname for someone named Margaret.

Ginger – This is an obvious corgi name. It also makes a good nickname for someone with red hair!

Molly – This is another very common female corgi name. It originates from an ancient Hebrew word meaning “beloved one”.

Misty – This is a good choice for someone who lives near a body of water such as a lake or the sea.

Sally – This sweet sounding name has been popular since the 1800’s. It makes a good name for any girl.

Thelma – This is an unusual corgi name, but it’s very interesting. Thelma means “praiseworthy” in Hebrew.

Yvette – This unusual name is very unique. In fact, it sounds like a French name. It means “yew wood”, which is the material that bows are made of.

Corgi Dogs as Family Pets

It seems strange to think about owning a corgi since they were bred to help herding cattle and chasing away giant predators such as bears. However, they make good family pets since they are loyal and affectionate towards their owners.

They are very playful too. Some people might worry that they will be destructive and chew everything in your house, but they are actually very well behaved if trained correctly. They typically get on well with children, but you should still keep an eye on them since accidents can happen.

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The only real problem with keeping a corgi as a pet is their barking. They are most likely to bark when people or other animals are around.

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