Dachshund Names – Ideas For Naming Your Wiener Dog

Below are some funny dachshund names. You may think these names are too weird or not funny at all but they do have their own charm. These funny dachshund names will definitely make your day!



Rabbit (or Pig)Pen (or Rabbit Pen)

The Cat Who Lives Under the Bed

Cat Loves To Eat Cheese


Lil’ Tigerlily

Cats Are Funny Names For Dogs… And Cats Are Funny Names For People Too! LOL! They’re both animals and they both like to eat cheese.

I’m sure you get my point.


Dachshund Names – 300 Ideas For Naming Your Wiener Dog - DogPuppySite.com

Doggie (or Doggie)

LOL! I Like The Sound Of That. It’s As Funny As “Cat” And “Tigerlily”.

That’s My Other Favorite Funny Name For A Dog.


Elvis (or The King)

Hey, This Is A Funny Name For Anybody!


Ben Franklin (or just Franklin)

Ben Franklin Was A Funny Man! He Was Also An Inventor And One Of The Founding Fathers! I Have This Ben Franklin Doll With Me Always.

It’s My Most Precious Belonging!


Dachshund Names – 300 Ideas For Naming Your Wiener Dog - Picture

Goosey (or Goosey)

I Have A Goose As Well And Her Name Is Gertrude. She Has A Lovely Sing-Song Type Of A Voice. Whenever I Call Her, It’s Like Music To My Ears.

She Is My Favorite Pet!

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